Senior Reflection: Choose your path

Katie Cullen, Staff Writer

I am very appreciative that I had the chance to attend a rigorously academic high school with so many opportunities. The options for extracurriculars provided by Algonquin are seemingly endless for all types of students. Algonquin has impressive sports, performing arts, bands, robotics, arts programs and more that are welcoming to all students. I love how Algonquin students can choose and create their own “path” based on their interests. 

As I entered Algonquin, I chose “my path” of focusing most of my time in athletics. I played soccer, basketball and lacrosse throughout all four years of high school. On my path as an athlete I have gained the most unforgettable memories and built lifelong friendships. ARHS athletics have taught me invaluable life long lessons of teamwork, dedication and commitment. 

During my senior soccer season, my team advanced throughout playoffs and ended up competing in the State Championship. The playoff process included waves of emotions that brought the highest highs and, at times, some of the lowest lows. The overwhelming sensations of joy I have felt within these moments of success in sports are feelings that are hard to replicate in other aspects of life. The adrenaline rush from competing, cheers from the crowd and the proud feeling of wearing an Algonquin uniform created moments of pure exhilaration that I will never forget. 

What makes Algonquin such a great high school is that the school supports students in their personal growth by offering a wide range of clubs and extracurriculars in which students can discover their interests and connect with others. For example, even though I chose the athletic route, I have seen the impressive talent that the performing arts fosters. By attending Algonquin’s Got Talent, Seussical the Musical and other performances by students, I have realized how Algonquin allows students to show off their talents and impressive skills in all types of environments.

So my one piece of advice is to take advantage of the endless opportunities this great place provides you. Whether you find connections and community in sports, performing arts, DECA, robotics, the AWC, the Harbinger or any of the other many clubs and organizations, joining extracurriculars is an excellent way to escape the stress of school, homework and life, so use this to your advantage. Seize the opportunities available to you in the Algonquin community because the impacts of the personal growth you experience and the friendships you form will benefit you far beyond graduation.