REVIEW: New Marshalls in Northborough Crossing perfect for affordable men’s fashion


Katherine Wu

The new Marshalls location in Northborough Crossing offers a wide selection of high-quality brands at an affordable price, staff writer Yusuf Ali writes.

Yusuf Ali, Staff Writer

A new Marshalls store opened at Northborough Crossing on April 27, offering a wide variety of affordable clothing options for men.

The new Marshalls offers fashionable men’s clothing at an affordable price. The store has a wide variety of clothing options from casual and sports clothing to more formal attire, along with a wide selection of shoes and accessories.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping at Marshalls is the wide selection of high-quality brands. Some of the biggest brands include Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Columbia, all available at a discounted price. For example, I saw a Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt that cost $16.99, and a similar shirt on the Tommy Hilfiger website was priced at $23. 

In addition to these well established brands, Marshalls carries smaller independent brands that are less known, which keeps prices lower with a wider variety of styles and a more diverse selection.

Along with clothing, Marshalls offers many accessories and shoes to accompany any outfit. They have a selection of colognes from luxury brands such as Manacera and Montale. A 3.4oz bottle of Montale Arabians Eau De Parfum will cost you around $84.99, compared to other retailers who charge up to $115 for the same bottle.They also have sunglasses from brands such as Gucci, Brioni and Fossil and silk ties from Salvtore Ferragamo, a high quality Italian brand. 

While the Marshalls shoe department lacks big name shoe brands like Nike or Adidas, they still offer shoes to purchase from New Balance, Timberland, Nautica, Saucony and others at discounted prices. A pair of Timberland Chukka work boots sells for $69.99 while the same pair of boots sells at DSW for $129.99, according to the DSW website.

On the other hand, there are some negative sides to shopping at Marshalls. Despite having a wide selection of brands, the in-store selection is basic. For example, there are a lot of graphic tees, but the store lacks other styles. A lot of this issue is offset by the online catalog that has more variety. On the online catalog, you can even buy a Vince Camuto suit for $99 or a Kenneth Cole polo shirt for $14. 

Other issues that I observed at Marshalls are common with other brick and mortar stores, such as a small variety of sizes. For some articles of clothing, only some sizes are available and the most popular sizing sells out quickly in many styles.

Marshalls offers clothing for everyone, not only men. In the women’s and kids’ section, there is an equally wide range of clothing, accessories and shoes. Marshalls also sells home goods, beauty products and even food items. In typical Marshalls fashion, all of these sections are affordably priced. 

Marshalls offers a variety of affordable clothing, and the new Northborough location is a great way to help your style without exceeding your budget.