Top 5 pet reptiles

Mia Nicosia, Staff Writer

Although people usually prefer furry pets, animals with scaly skin can make great pets. Here are the top five pet reptiles for those searching for a unique and friendly pet. 

#5: Chameleon

Chameleons are beautiful lizards, with their famous changing colors and great personality. Chameleons love to climb high and are even known to sit on your head and play with your hair! They’re high maintenance, needing lots of attention; young chameleons eat twice a day and their enclosures should include many different hiding places with plants and coverage. If well cared for, which is indicated by bright colors and high energy, chameleons can live up to seven years and grow up to two feet long. 

#4: Boa (snake)

If you’re looking for an easy pet that only requires feeding every two weeks, a snake is best fit for you. Boas can grow to be 5-10 feet and live up to 40 years in captivity, proving to be a lifelong commitment. You can buy frozen or live rats and mice to satisfy your snake’s dietary needs, but this pet is not recommended for squeamish owners. Additionally, boas are not a hands-off pet: if you want to prevent your boa from becoming violent, you need to handle it often in order to show you’re not a threat to them. Although there are some risks to owning snakes, when handled the right way the danger is eliminated.

#3: Leopard Gecko 

Leopard geckos come in multiple different, equally beautiful colors:  yellow, black, albino and even leopard print. They are easy to take care of; over time, they will train themselves to separate their waste using a paper towel set in one specific spot of the cage.  As a low-maintenance pet, leopard geckos are clean reptiles and don’t need a lot of attention, making them a perfect choice for beginners. 

#2: Crested Gecko 

If you want a reptile that is packed with energy and happiness, then a crested gecko is great for you. Crested geckos, which are about 8-10 inches long and can live up to 20 years, are a frog-like reptile with grips on the pads of their feet, making climbing one of their favorite pastimes. They can also jump five to six times their body length. Crested geckos have smooth, soft skin and are known as one of the most friendly breeds of lizard. 

#1: Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons love people, are fun to be around and enjoy being out of their enclosure, with the option to allow them to roam free during the day. They eat an assortment of bugs and veggies every day, giving them enough energy to keep up with their vibrant personalities. They love to cuddle and spend time with their owners and will even get along with the other animals in your household. A bearded dragon can live 10-15 years and is highly recommended for families, especially if there are children in the home.