From idea to reality: Game Development Club creates entertaining games for all skill levels


Submitted Axel Soderquist

Members of the Game Development Club, created by seniors Trevor Kerxhalli and Evan Goodman and junior Axel Soderquist, collaborates with one another to create games.

Jason Wong, Staff Writer

The Game Development Club collaborates to design entertaining games full of challenges and adventures for everyone. 

It was a conversation in AP Computer Science A between seniors Trevor Kerxhalli and Evan Goodman and junior Axel Soderquist that turned into a creative new club.

“The goal of [the club] is to have everyone work on the same game and collaborate with each other,” Soderquist said.

Currently, the club is in the process of developing one particular game.

“The vision is trying to make a dungeon game where the player is trying to get through, but if they die, then the dungeon changes,” Soderquist said. 

The club has been working on this specific game for the majority of the school year, as they want to continue improving the game’s content and quality. 

“We have started development of our game around the end of September,” Kerxhalli said. “This is our first video game. We have decided to be very ambitious and work on one game and make it as good as we can.”

Within the club there are different groups of people that focus on different tasks for creating the game. Letting people play the game for free when the game is done is a big priority for the club members.

“We split our work into four different types of jobs: design, music, art and programming,” Kerxhalli said. “We expect to finish by the end of the year.”

The club currently has about 12 active members; however, the club leaders are hoping to get more students interested in the future so they can create more complex games.

“[We’re open to] any types of games, but we lean towards 2D games because of the [lesser] labor,” Soderquist said.

Having others play the game is really important to the club once they finish everything.

“We have not decided on a place to publish it, but Steam sounds like a great option due to its accessibility,” Kerxhalli said.

The club gets together every other Tuesday in D111 from 2:30 to 4:00 to discuss what they are going to do and what they need to accomplish. Members continue to work on the game and look forward to seeing others enjoy the finished game they create.