Top 5 MLB stadiums

Jack Stiles and Owen Cacciatore

Do you ever wonder where your local ballpark would rank compared to others and what separates it from the rest? Here are the top five ballparks throughout Major League Baseball (MLB) judged on factors such as history, uniqueness and fan amenities. 

#5: Chase Field

Chase Field is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks. This ballpark is full of unique attributes which separate it from the rest: beside the field, the park showcases a heated swimming pool unlike any other MLB stadium. Although the ‘pool suite’ costs approximately $5,000/game, it sells out for every game of the season. Chase Field was also the first Major League Baseball Stadium to have a retractable roof and a natural grass field.

#4: Petco Park

Located in downtown San Diego, California, Petco Park is home to the San Diego Padres. This ballpark is home to the best sightlines in Major League Baseball, with beautiful views of the city and sea from the stands. In the outfield you will see the giant “Western Medal Co” sign in left field, where hitters frequently hit home runs. When the Padres built their new stadium in 2004, they kept the building in the park to maintain the tradition. Petco Park also features state-of-the-art fan amenities, while also keeping with the timeless traditions of baseball. 

#3: Oracle Park

Located in San Francisco, California, Oracle Park is home to the San Francisco Giants. This ballpark is unique because it faces the ocean, where kayakers will even camp out, waiting for home run balls to be hit over the stadium walls and into the water. Oracle Park gives you water views you will not get from any other ballpark in the MLB. Not only does this park showcase the beauty of San Francisco, but it has beautiful architecture, state-of-the-art fan amenities and an overall fantastic atmosphere. 

#2: Wrigley Field

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Wrigley Field is home to one of the most iconic baseball teams in the MLB, the Chicago Cubs. This park opened in 1914, making it the second oldest ballpark in the United States. The field also showcases unique attributes, such as its ivy-covered brick outfield wall and its old-school feel. Wrigley Field brings out the best of dedicated Cubs fans. 

#1: Fenway Park

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in the MLB. The Boston Red Sox have called it home since 1912. Fenway Park has many iconic features including its 37 foot left field wall, known as the ‘Green Monster.’ What separates Fenway from any other ballpark is its historic feel. The backstop sign titling Fenway Park allows fans traveling to know where they are everywhere they look. The old green, blue and red seats give a feel that every fan sits in the same seat as other Boston fans have sat throughout all of Red Sox history. From anywhere in the stadium, you can see the Prudential Tower skyscraper, Citgo sign and Boston skyline along with planes taking off from Logan Airport throughout the whole game.