Is Gen Z overly sensitive?


Emma Persons

Recruitment manager Lila Shields writes how Generation Z’s sensitivity is a strength.

Lila Shields, Recruitment Manager

Modern society has shifted dramatically in comparison to previous generations due to abrupt advances in technology, surfacing social issues and a global pandemic. Mental health stigmas are being abolished and bigotry is being addressed.

Generation Z or “Gen Z” is the generation born between 1997-2012 and consists of 72 million individuals according to Insider Intelligence. The future is in the hands of this generation and their sensitivity potentially can create a more inclusive society.

Ninety three percent of Gen Z use social media which impacts their beliefs and understanding globally; they consume the most social media out of all other generations according to a 2022 survey of 1,500 respondents by Statista. Media, shared through social network sites among other platforms, make it easier to stay connected internationally which inevitably provokes emotion due to the overwhelming information.

Technology and social media can lead to a rise in chronically online behaviors. This can be defined as using technology to isolate oneself from reality, which can be a coping mechanism for teenagers to avoid the harsh world that surrounds them. Through social media, Generation Z attempts to combat pressing social issues, which can become overwhelming. Oversharing occurs online, making it more accessible for people to see what is going on in others’ lives. This is a dangerous slope which can lead to comparison and a rise in anxiety according to Help Guide. Understandably, the immense exposure to stressful topics can lead to a more anxious individual, yet that does not make Gen Z too sensitive. 

The future looks bright for Gen Z. Only 4% of Generation Z has gone through high school without receiving a high school diploma according to Annie E. Casey Foundation. This soaring success rate to graduate high school leads statistics pointing in a positive direction in other areas such as in the workplace and pursuing higher education.

Generation Z’s sensitivity, drive and acceptance have and will continue to make a difference leading to a better tomorrow.