‘You Need to Calm Down,’ Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is almost here

Excited Swifties prepare for this weekend’s shows


Courtesy Taylor Nation

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour will be held this weekend at Gillette Stadium.

Grace Ammon, Staff Writer

The upcoming Taylor Swift “Eras Tour” stop at Gillette Stadium, from May 19 to May 21, has many students preparing their outfits and listening to her albums on repeat. 

Swift’s 20 city nationwide tour reminisces on her 10 albums, consisting of multiple genres of music. Some of her notable albums include “Speak Now,” “Red” and “1989.” It was particularly difficult to get tickets for this concert series: in November 2022, Ticketmaster gave out 1.5 million presale codes, shutting down the website and creating a huge scandal

Junior Connor Locke and his whole family applied for presale codes, but he was the only one to receive one. 

“Ticketmaster was super slow and my mom spent six hours in the queue for tickets,” Locke said.

Many fans refused to be denied tickets and persisted. For senior Gabi Fernandes, attending this concert was a priority. The first song she learned on piano was one of Swift’s and her music continues to mean so much to her. 

“I was literally sobbing [tears of joy] on Ticketmaster,” Fernandes said. “I will be skipping my cousin’s graduation to go.”

After obtaining tickets, the thought process shifted more towards what outfits everyone was going to wear. Fans have been dressing up as their favorite ‘era’ and dressing over the top at previous shows. Some fans are still deciding on their outfits, but seniors Sadie Candela and Charlotte Richmond have it all figured out.

“We are going for a bold, sparkle theme,” Richmond said. “Having an outfit makes it even more fun.”

Aside from the show, sophomore Claire Devlin is excited to see everyone’s creative outfits.

“I think it’s cool that people dress up for different eras because it lets people choose what they like best,” Devlin said.

Devlin is also looking forward to exchanging friendship bracelets with others, which adds to the sense of community at the show. Fans are making bracelets with song titles, acronyms or phrases to trade for another. 

Another aspect that adds a creative touch is how Swift is playing two new “surprise songs” each night of her tour. After she sings two at one concert, she doesn’t play them any other night of her tour. This allows each stadium full of fans to enjoy a completely different experience. 

For me, who hasn’t been to any other Taylor concerts, it’s a culmination of what we’ve been waiting to hear and it’s at such a good time.

— Senior Gabi Fernandes

Though some have been tracking the songs played at each show, others are excited to hear any. Fernandes has kept herself in the dark, as she wants the whole experience to be new. 

“I have been avoiding the setlist,” Fernandes said. “Every single video I see, I just click ‘not interested.’”

For some fans, this is their first Taylor Swift concert, and for others it’s one of many. Candela has been to multiple, but still is excited to see what’s in store at the Eras Tour. 

“I went to her ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ concerts, so I have honestly been a fan forever,” Candela said. “This one will be the best by far.”

For some seniors, Swift’s music resonates with their own lives and Fernandes truly connects the two. 

“For me, who hasn’t been to any other Taylor concerts, it’s a culmination of what we’ve been waiting to hear and it’s at such a good time,” Fernandes said. “It’s the end of a personal era as well.” 

Swift’s music is nostalgic for many, and this concert provides a full-circle experience.  

“It’s so much more exciting because we’re graduating and this concert is her pulling together all of her memories, while we are doing the same,” Candela said. “Her albums were different periods of time in our own lives.”

Freshman Abi Southey has been a fan for a while and continues to be inspired by Swift’s lyrics. 

“Her music just brings people together,” Southey said.