The Boba Bros: Gong Cha


Luke Utzschneider

The Boba Bros tried the dolce milk coffee and the lemon wintermelon basil seed boba drinks.

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Boba Bros!  

Our names are Luke Utzschneider and Yahya Ibrahimi, and as friends who love a good boba, we are always looking for new places to try. We are going to be trying boba spots, rating them based on different factors and seeing how they hold up against others. Recently, we tried the new Gong Cha location in Marlborough. Without further ado, let’s get into this review.

TEA: 7.5/10

The two of us ordered the dolce milk coffee and the lemon wintermelon basil seeds. The dolce milk coffee had a deep, rich coffee flavor complemented nicely by a sweet caramel flavor. This is an unexpectedly great pairing which made for one of the best milk teas we have had recently. On the other hand, the lemon wintermelon drink was just OK. It was a little too sweet and the lemon flavor overpowered the wintermelon. In all honesty, it tasted like a regular lemonade with just a hint of other flavors that you can’t really make out. If you try this place, skip the lemon wintermelon and go with the dolce milk coffee instead.

BOBA: 7/10

In the lemon wintermelon drink, we got herbal jellies which were mediocre, we felt like we should have gotten the tapioca pearls instead. The dolce milk coffee came with the tapioca pearls and they were pretty good; not too mushy yet not underdone. However, they skimped on the boba and there was not enough for some in every sip.

MENU/PRICE: 6.5/10

Gong Cha has a pretty solid selection of teas. While there was a pretty limited amount of milk tea options, with only the classics like brown sugar, they offered a wide variety of other lattes, brewed teas and creative mixes. Some notable and interesting flavors were creme brulee strawberry and pineapple mango green tea. The prices for the standard milk teas are not too bad, starting at $5.00 with tapioca pearls. On the downside, the other options are pricier, with most going over $6.00 after the add ons. Compared to other boba spots, it is just a little bit more expensive.


This Gong Cha location is near Apex and is surrounded by many other restaurants and businesses. Additionally, Gong Cha is a chain and there are locations all across Massachusetts and several other states. The inside was modern and clean, and our drinks were made quickly.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

We thought Gong Cha was a solid boba spot that got the job done. While not the best we have had, it would satisfy most boba lovers. If you are in the area, definitely give it a try.