Sophomore scores spot at Field Hockey National Team Camp


Katy O'Connell

Lindsey Brown fights for the ball at field hockey Senior Night on Oct. 18, 2021.

Zara Shaikh, Staff Writer

Sophomore Lindsey Brown was identified as one of the top 30 field hockey players in the nation when she tried out for the U16 National Team last summer, which taught Brown the importance of hard work and determination. 

Brown began playing field hockey in sixth grade and primarily plays defense; however, she has experience playing forward and mid-field as well. In addition to playing on the Algonquin team, she is a member of the Cape Ann Field Hockey Club team.

When Brown was evaluated by college coaches over the summer, she was invited to try out for the U16 National Field Hockey Team Camp, the most elite opportunity for high school field hockey players across the nation, which ultimately leads to a handful of the best players making the national team. 

“First we had three weekends of tryouts at Forekicks in Marlborough,” Brown said. “And then from Marlborough, you were evaluated for the regional tryouts. Regionals were held in Albany, New York.” 

After being evaluated at Regionals, the official tryout process for the U16 team began.

“I was chosen to be one of twenty-two for an all-star game, from that I was evaluated and chosen for the first official U16 team selection tryouts in Houston, Texas,” Brown said. “I was [then] chosen for the next round of tryouts in North Carolina at Davidson College.”

Brown spent a lot of time training and working on her skills for the second round of tryouts in North Carolina where she had the opportunity to play alongside athletes from around the country. 

“There were girls from around thirty states in North Carolina,” Brown said. “At the Texas tryouts, there were two girls from New England including me. The majority were from New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Illinois.”

According to Brown, the experience was unique and exciting, allowing her to play with some of the best in her sport. 

“It was insane; the ball speed is nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” Brown said. “It was like every girl was fast, every girl could shoot hard, it’s like this whole other world that I was so lucky and grateful to be a part of.”

Although Brown was cut in the final round of tryouts, the experience taught her an important life lesson to use as her field hockey journey continues. 

“Fifty girls were at the tryouts in Texas where I was, and it got cut down to thirty girls in North Carolina,” Brown said. “Eight girls were cut from the national team tryouts and unfortunately I was one of the eight. I look at it as a positive thing and I was so lucky to be there.” 

Throughout her field hockey journey, Brown has struggled with a need to be perfect, but her experiences at the National Team Camp helped shift her mindset to focus on growing as a player. 

“There was a point in time where I really struggled, it was like I had to be perfect,” Brown said. “There is no perfect player and no one can be perfect; my self confidence improved from realizing that.” 

Not only is Brown a high-level player, but she’s one her Algonquin teammates enjoy playing with.Field hockey captain senior Grace Ammon loves Brown’s supportive attitude.

“She is very optimistic and wants the best for all of her teammates and really wants to see everyone succeed,” Ammon said.

Ammon feels Brown puts in a lot of effort for the team, both on the field and off.

“She brings a lot of character to the team and has a bigger personality that everyone can talk to and trust, which is something that you always want to have in a team,” Ammon said.