Q&A: Boys’ hockey captain describes successes, team dynamic


Joe Lamburn

The boys’ hockey team celebrates their 5-3 victory over Marlborough in the MetroWest Daily News Cup on Dec. 28, 2022.

Cass Melo, Assistant Opinion Editor

The boys’ hockey season ended with a record of 13-4-2, led by senior captains Owen Cacciatore, Jack Stiles and Andrew Hodge. Hodge recounts the team’s successes from this past season.

How was the season overall? What worked for your team and what did not work?

“I would say what worked was our chemistry and our winning mentality. What didn’t work was we were actually so close that we would get frustrated with each other. The way I would explain it is nobody can make you more mad than your family. That’s what we are: family.”

What is your team dynamic like and how do you work together?

“In years past, our team dynamic has been upperclassmen and underclassmen but this year we really wanted to just be teammates and friends no matter what grade or town someone was from.”

What was the most challenging part of this season?

“The most challenging part of this season was probably injuries. We lost two players for most of the year in one of our first games. Then we lost one of our starting defensemen, but we were always able to adjust.”

What was a highlight of this season for the team?

“There were a lot of highlights. We won the Daily News Cup, the Matt Bruce Cup and the Quinn Conference. We also upset Hopkinton, Concord Carlisle and Minnechaug. We beat Marlborough three out of three times. ”

What players especially stepped up this season and how?

“The whole team stepped up. I think every player on the team exceeded my expectations going into the year. [Junior] Jack Gulachenski changed positions to become a center and he ended up leading us in points, [senior Jack] Stiles got seven shutouts this year which is unheard of and Luke Harwich was one of our key contributors as a freshman. I’m really proud of every player though, they should all be proud of their improvements.”

What is coming up for the team and what do you think next season will look like?

“We moved the bar this year, winning the conference and a playoff game in the state tournament for the first time in six years. We’re only graduating four players so I expect that the boys will be able to continue what we built this year and should be competing at [TD] Garden around this time next year.”