Top 5 things to do for yourself on Valentine’s Day

Sahana Sivarajan and Grace Bouzan

With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone should spend more time loving and appreciating themselves. Here are our top five favorite things to do for yourself!

#1: Give yourself a hug! 

Yes, a hug. Studies show that hugs lower stress, increase mood and relax the body. Everyone has difficult days and hugging yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day, can help relieve pain. On Valentine’s Day, start the day right by bringing yourself more happiness one hug at a time.

#2: Do some self care ?

Who doesn’t love self care? It improves mental health, reduces stress and puts the spotlight on you. Pampering yourself and taking care of yourself is the highlight of Valentine’s Day for YOU! Believe us, you deserve it.

#3: Watch Netflix

Binge-watching Netflix (or any other streaming service) is a definite go-to! With endless movies and TV shows, it will keep you entertained for hours. Invite a friend to have even more fun; grab some popcorn and enjoy the show! 

#4: Take a nice, long and relaxed shower or bath 

Whenever we feel tired or exhausted from the day, we always take a nice long hot shower or bath in the evening. We find it relaxing and soothing for your body! Not only are you taking care of your hygiene but you’re also relaxing your body during this time. So pick up a towel, some soaps and any other essentials needed–you deserve to relax after a long hard-working day.

#5: Have a yummy dessert!

Who can say no to dessert?! Sometimes after working for a whole week you just need a nice treat to reward yourself. We recommend making ice cream sundaes, especially with the endless amount of toppings you can choose from. Whether you add fudge, marshmallows or a different topping, it will  definitely help brighten your spirit. 

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