Top 5 Donuts at Dunkin’

Driving in Boston, down the freeway or around the suburbs, one common occurrence remains a staple for the typical day in a life for people in Massachusetts: a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. From their warm coffee to cool refreshers, Dunkin’ has established itself as the core of what America runs on with roughly 1,100 locations in our state alone. Given the numerous Dunkin’ products carried around each morning by students and teachers alike, it is safe to say that Algonquin runs on Dunkin’ too. With that in mind, isn’t it about time we establish our top five picks for their best donuts? 

#5: Holiday

Even though most holiday donuts are not offered year-round, they are still a great option when the season calls for them. During October, Dunkin’ offers a Halloween themed spider donut. In February, they offer a heart-shaped brownie batter filled donut for Valentine’s Day. These holiday donuts give a different taste and style from the usual donuts to spice up the menu and offer a holiday treat. These donuts are a favorite; however, it is disappointing that you cannot order them as frequently as the regular Dunkin’ staples. 

#4: Chocolate Frosted

The Chocolate Frosted donut is a classic sweet option for all donut lovers. The vanilla cake topped with chocolate icing is the perfect combination. The chocolate doesn’t overpower the pastry flavor and adds a hint of richness. The classic flavor is light so you can enjoy each bite. While considered a basic choice, the Chocolate Frosted donut is still a great option for all chocolate lovers and embodies the ideal amount of sweetness. 

#3: Boston Kreme

The often overlooked and misjudged Boston Kreme donut is an essential facet of the Dunkin’ experience. According to William Galvin, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, in 2003, the Boston Kreme donut was officially made the state donut of Massachusetts. Boston Kreme donuts feature a creamy custard filling inside topped with a sweet chocolate frosting. These donuts are a pillowy perfection combined with the delicious silky blend of excellent vanilla filling. Whenever we go to Dunkin’, we know we can rely on this donut to taste fantastic!

#2: Glazed

The Glazed donut is the perfect classic go-to pastry for those with a sweet tooth. The even distribution of the saccharine mouth-watering sugary glaze is a must for those searching for a delicious donut. Glazed donuts are not too dense, have a chewy consistency, and are topped with a glossy coating that melts in your mouth. Besides being sticky, these donuts are an excellent classic for the potentially indecisive customer or a reliable favorite for a regular. 

#1: Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles 

These flavorful donuts are picture-perfect with their dense vanilla cake and vibrant strawberry icing, perfect for any donut lover. Their sweet frosting tastes similar to strawberry milk, and they are topped with colorful sprinkles for a bit of extra fun. These delicious pastries are a Dunkin’ classic, and there is a reason they have stayed a fixture on their menu since the 1950s. With a perfect balance between their sweetness and fruitiness, they deserve to be number one on our list!

What is your favorite donut from Dunkin'?


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