Eigen celebrates CAP graduation, embraces new opportunities

Katherine Wu, Online Editor

Post-graduate Julianna Eigen celebrated her graduation from the Community Access Program (CAP) with friends, family and faculty on Nov. 14, 2022. 

Eigen has been involved in many extracurricular activities throughout her time at Algonquin, including cross country and track from ninth to 12th grade as well as unified track and Best Buddies as a postgrad. Currently, Eigen works as an assistant daycare teacher at Next Generation Children’s Center in Marlborough.

“I love playing with the little kids [at the daycare],” Eigen said.

According to Eigen, her graduation was a bittersweet moment despite being surrounded by family members and peers.

“It was a little bit sad because I was leaving everybody,” Eigen said. “We had a ton of people in my classroom [during my graduation party].”

Eigen’s teachers and peers will miss her for her empathy and kindness. Special education teacher Caitlyn Hynes reflects on the impact Eigen has had on those involved in the CAP program.

“She cares a lot about how other people are feeling and wants to make sure that everyone’s doing well,” Hynes said. “When classmates were upset, the first thing she would do was make sure they’re okay and try to comfort them if she could.”

Hynes believes Eigen’s caring personality makes her a perfect fit for her job at the daycare center, which she began while she was still enrolled in the CAP program.

“From the time she started at Algonquin, and when I met her, she knew that working with kids was what she wanted to do,” Hynes said. “When she finally was able to get a job doing that, she was just so thrilled. It was so great to just see how excited she was to basically have her dream come true.”

While Eigen will be greatly missed, her teachers and peers wish her well on future endeavors.

“I hope she continues to keep doing what she’s doing and that she continues to be happy in her job at the daycare,” Hynes said.