The Boba Bros: An Nam Vietnamese Grill


Luke Utzschneider

This rich and creamy brown sugar boba drink was perfect for an after-school treat.

Luke Utzschneider and Yahya Ibrahimi

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Boba Bros!  

Our names are Luke Utzschneider and Yahya Ibrahimi, and as friends who love a good boba, we are always looking for new places to try. Each month, we are going to be trying a boba spot, rating it based on different factors and seeing how it holds up against others. For the month of November, we tried An Nam Vietnamese Grill, located in Marlborough. Without further ado, let’s get into this review.

TEA: 8/10

The two of us ordered mango milk tea and brown sugar milk tea. The mango flavor really came through, without being overly sweet. Additionally, we were pleasantly surprised by the small chunks of mango in the drink. The brown sugar milk tea had a rich brown sugar flavor, without losing the taste of the tea. The sides of the cup were coated in the brown sugar syrup which added extra flavor. The drinks also had the perfect creamy milk texture that you would expect from a good bubble tea. 

BOBA: 9/10

While the tea had great flavor, the tapioca pearls themselves really shined. They were the perfect consistency; not mushy, yet not hard. They had the perfect chew to them. This is up there with some of the best cooked boba we have ever tried. Additionally, they gave enough boba so that there was some with every sip. 


An Nam Vietnamese Grill has a pretty diverse selection of bubble teas, including the classics and flavors we have never seen before. Two flavors that sounded really good were coconut and redbean. In addition to their unique bubble tea, An Nam Vietnamese grill also has a wide selection of classic Vietnamese food such as banh mi, sandwich with meat and pickled vegetables, and pho, a traditional broth-based noodle soup. The prices are not bad either, especially for the bubble teas which were $4.95, which is a little below the average for one drink at other places.


This restaurant is located in a somewhat busy plaza next to Savers and Ocean State Job Lot, and was pretty easy to find. The inside of the restaurant is modern and clean, and the workers were very friendly. The place was not particularly busy inside and the drinks were ready in just a couple minutes.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

We were very pleasantly surprised by this small restaurant, and will definitely be going back there soon. If you are looking for a new spot to get good, quick boba then this is the place for you.