Senior shines as bassist for band False Prophecy


Submitted Lili Torres

Senior Lili Torres is a bassist for the band False Prophecy. She poses with fellow band members Algonquin class of 2022 graduate Thomas Davis, senior at the Brimmer and May School Jack Nathanson and Kyle Duncan.

Kate Michel, Assistant A&E Editor

Senior Lili Torres has been playing bass since 2015, but lately playing bass for her band, False Prophecy, has been an outlet for her musical talents.

False Prophecy consists of Torres, Algonquin class of 2022 graduate Thomas Davis on guitar, senior at the Brimmer and May School Jack Nathanson on drums and vocalist and guitarist Kyle Duncan. Torres is the only current Algonquin student in the band, which had already been partially formed by the time she joined False Prophecy at the end of her junior year.

“I went up to say bye to Thomas because we had a class together,” Torres said. “He just invited me into the band. That’s when we all came together.”

False Prophecy hasn’t been able to perform live yet due to distance—Davis is in college and Duncan lives in Tennessee. However, they plan to tour the New England area in the coming summer.

“This past summer, we’ve been rehearsing, getting to know each other and writing songs,” Torres said.

The songwriting process is a collaborative one, but not one that Torres takes the lead on.

“I’m not very good at writing songs,” Torres said. “There was one song I wrote a bunch of lyrics to, and some of them were used. I think Kyle forgot about what I had written and wrote his own thing, but it works.”

False Prophecy currently has four songs released on Spotify: “Ascend,” “Treachery,” “Flying Monkey” and their most recent release, “Flame.” Their full EP, Zenith, will be released mid-November. Torres describes False Prophecy’s music as alternative metal rock.

“Usually when I play, I’m thinking about Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Torres said.

False Prophecy got its name through a randomized name generator, and for a while, Torres wasn’t actually sure what the band was called.

“[Our group chat] was just called False Prophecy,” Torres said. “I was like, okay, I’m going to guess that’s the name of the band.”

Torres’ favorite part about being in False Prophecy is being able to create music with the other band members, who share her taste in music. 

“They’re all really good musicians and I’m proud to be part of their band,” Torres said.