Musicians thrive under spotlight at Fall Choral Concert


Katy O'Connell

On October 25, Algonquin students performed at the Fall Choral Concert. The majority of choruses were conducted by chorus teacher Olivia Goliger.

Zoe Manousos, A&E Editor

The choral groups performed their Fall Choral Concert on Oct. 25, which they have been rehearsing for since the start of the school year.

Of the groups that performed at the concert, the Chamber Choir is a mixed chorus group consisting of musicians ranging from bass to sopranos and is one of the more selective groups.

“We performed three songs: ‘Bluebird’, ‘Lone Wild Bird’ and ‘Emerald Stream’, so the whole theme of the concert was a fall inspired, nature inspired theme and that was really brought out with the music choices,” senior Gabriela Foglia said. 

Chamber Choir is a relatively selective group. Sophomores through seniors must audition and be chosen to become a member. 

“If you start chorus freshman year, you can choose to continue chorus the following years, but you have to audition to get into Chamber Choir,” Foglia said. “Once you get in, you’re in for the rest of the years if you want to stay.”

The Northborough-Southborough Music Association (NSMA) gives out enrichment awards at the concerts. Sophomore Viviana Lebel was a recipient of the award at this year’s fall concert. 

“If you want to apply, you type a paragraph expressing why you enjoy music,” Lebel said. “You have to put what you’re going to put it towards so they know that you’re going to use it for music. I think personally I’ll start doing vocal lessons again, which should be fun.”

The musicians were proud of their performance, especially because it was the first concert of the year. 

“The new people in the chorus group made this year especially great at chorus concerts, and we’ve all been working as hard as we can with the teacher,” Foglia said. “I think we all just enjoy each other’s company which is definitely a factor for a good chorus group.”

There are three concerts per year: fall, winter and spring. However, the group simultaneously gets ready for the Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association (MICCA), which happens in the spring. 

“In [MICCA], all of the groups go and get placed either gold, silver, or bronze,” Lebel said. “We prepare for that festival all year long.”

To complement the hard work and dedication the musicians put in every day, the chemistry within the group is phenomenal. 

“We all have little cliques but when we’re all singing together we’re joining as one group,” Foglia said. “We are all friendly with each other and there’s no one who dislikes anyone else. We’re all a part of one thing, so we’re all just happy to be there.”