Students shine in annual instrumental concert

Grace Bouzan, Assistant Sports Editor

Many students who participated in band and orchestra ensembles had their annual concert on Nov. 2 in the auditorium with the support of their friends and families. 

Head of the Fine and Performing arts department and music teacher Amy Collins was especially looking forward to the concert, noting the dedication it took to prepare. 

“All of the ensembles collectively work really hard over [time],” Collins said. “To share that with [the audience] is pretty special.”

Each ensemble has been rehearsing for the concert for over nine weeks during the school year. The two jazz ensembles, Jazz I and II, have been practicing outside of school for seven weeks since the beginning of September. 

Collins views the concert as a celebration of hard work for the students. She always has nervous yet excited energy about the performances. 

“It’s something we get to do and share with people that only happens [at] that moment,” Collins said. “It only happens to live [at] that moment.”

Freshman Tessa Novello plays the violin and is in the orchestra. 

“I [was] most excited about playing,” Novello said. 

Sophomore Lindsay Brown was also very thrilled about the concert, which includes being with her friends and playing the flute on stage. 

“When you finish the concert you feel rewarded,” Brown said. 

Freshman Kara Lin, who plays clarinet, thought the concert before was very intimidating but also exciting. 

“Walk[ing] on the stage at first and wait for the concert to start, it’s very nerve-racking. It’s super exciting,” Lin said. 

Collins hopes to see more community members and people come and watch the concerts in the future. 

“It’s not just for parents, it’s for everyone, it’s for the community,” Collins said. “The students work hard and take pride in what they do.”