Keeping Up with ‘The Voice’: The Knockouts, Week One


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Kique sang “Hey Ya!” by Outkast for his energetic knockout performance.

Riya Mahanta and Katherine Wu

Before reading this piece, check out our blog post on the final week of the battles if you missed it!

This week on “The Voice” was the first week of the Knockouts. In past seasons, the Knockouts have been competitions between two contestants on the same team, but this year they introduced three-way knockouts where three people battle each other. The coaches have expressed that these three-way knockouts have made their decisions on choosing who advances harder than ever before.

Our Top Five

1. Kique chose to sing “Hey Ya!” by Outkast for his knockout performance, facing off against Rowan Grace and Destiny Leigh for a spot on team Gwen Stefani. His performance started off with low notes and at a slow tempo, with the melody staying true to the original song. But when Kique got to the chorus, he sang with so much energy that we couldn’t help but dance along with him. All four judges and even Grace and Leigh felt the same way, bopping along with Kique. His ability to connect with the audience through this performance was stellar, thus earning him the top spot in this week’s ranking. Kique definitely surprised us, as his prior performances didn’t stand out much. We are excited to see what he can do during the live shows!

Additionally, Grace’s performance was too good to not mention. Singing “Vienna” by Billy Joel, Grace delivered so much emotion and technique, which is especially impressive considering she is only 16 years old. She utilized her facial expressions throughout the song, allowing viewers to feel its somber tone. Kique won this three-way knockout, but thankfully coach Blake Shelton used his steal on Grace.

2. Representing team John Legend, Parijita Bastola performed “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, competing against Valarie Harding and Peyton Aldridge. Bastola poured her heart into this song, showing so much raw emotion through her tone and facial expressions. Her confidence, smooth runs and perfect high notes made this performance so special. We believe that Bastola is the most consistent performer out of everyone this season, and can’t wait to see her during the live shows!

3. On team Shelton, Bodie sang Post Malone’s “Better Now”, defeating The Dryes and Kevin Hawkins, although Hawkins got stolen by Stefani. Bodie transformed Post Malone’s pop hit into a production of his own through incorporating both blues and country elements. He delivered detailed runs and soulful melodies and truly connected with the song. He took ownership of the stage and made the audience feel as if they were part of an intimate performance rather than on a huge commercial set. Although Blake had trouble choosing who should move on, we believe that Blake made the right choice by choosing to keep Bodie!

4. For his knockout, Omar Jose Cardona chose to sing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, where he earned a spot on team Legend, sending Morgan Taylor and Ian Harrison home. Cardona’s passion and enthusiasm were unmatched. From the first line, we were able to see his unique ability to channel energy from his entire body into his voice. He delivered a concert-style performance proving to everyone the rockstar that he is!

5. On team Shelton, Kate Kalvach sang “Anyone” by Justin Bieber, competing with Bryce Leatherwood and Jay Allen. Her song choice showcased her beautiful, smooth tone, making all the high notes feel effortless. She added her own spin on Bieber’s song, often choosing to take the high harmonies. Although Shelton chose Leatherwood as the winner of the knockout, both Legend and Cabello opted to steal Kalvach, with Kalvach picking Cabello as her coach. We are so glad she was stolen, as she definitely belongs in the live shows!

What was your favorite performance from this week?


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Coach Rosters (as of Nov. 1)

Team Stefani: Alyssa Witrado, Cara Brindisi, Kayla Von Der Heide, Kique, Daysia, Justin Aaron, Sasha Hurtado, Kevin Hawkins

Team Legend: Omar Jose Cardona, Emma Brooke, Parijita Bastola, The Marilynds, Kim Cruse

Team Cabello: Morgan Myles, Devix, Andrew Igbokidi, Eric Who, Steven McMorran, Kate Kalvach

Team Shelton: Bryce Leatherwood, Brayden Lape, Eva Ullmann, Bodie, Austin Montgomery, Rowan Grace

These three-way knockouts were so competitive and made it nearly impossible to pick the five best performances. There will be more coming next week, so stay tuned!