Coulson looks forward to bonding with students as new chemistry teacher


Colin Kearney

New Chemistry teacher Joshua Coulson helps sophomores Spencer Romm and Nathaniel O’Connor with their classwork on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022.

Emily Harmon, Staff Writer

New Chemistry teacher Joshua Coulson is eager to make an impact at Algonquin and build relationships with his students.

Coulson received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and worked as an engineer before he became a teacher. For the past eight years, he taught Chemistry at Oxford High School.

“I love how [chemistry] helps peel back the layers of the world,” Coulson said. “When you look close enough, everything in the natural world can be explained. You just have to look hard enough. It fosters the curious.” 

Along with his love for teaching and exploring chemistry, Coulson appreciates being able to interact and connect with students.

“Chemistry is not something I can change necessarily, but I can make it more interesting in a classroom setting,” Coulson said. “I feed off [students’] energy and if they’re super bummed and bored, it impacts me, so I try to make it more interesting and have some jokes with it.”

This teaching strategy allows Coulson to engage with his students and encourage them to think positively about being in class. 

Science Department Head Lorraine Zanini admires Coulson’s energy and the unique approaches he has already brought to the Science Department.

“We [the Chemistry team] are looking forward to collaborating with someone who has taught in another place and has fresh ideas,” Zanini said. “As much as we try to reinvent things or be creative, it’s nice to have someone else’s ideas from the outside.”

Coulson enjoys spending his free time adventuring in national parks with his kids, listening to audiobooks and playing video games. He hopes to bring some of these interests into ARHS.

“One of the things I want to do is start a Dungeons and Dragons club, or an anime club,” Coulson said. 

Coulson has enjoyed his time so far at Algonquin and looks forward to getting to know the students and faculty better.

“It’s been a great first experience at this new school,” Coulson said. “I really appreciate the positivity of the students in this building.”