Meschisen hopes to lead sophomore class to success as president


Danny Schanzer

Sophomore Nathan Meschisen gives a student change for their Boo Bag, a Halloween fundraiser.

Cass Melo, Staff Writer

Sophomore Class President Nathan Meschisen is prepared to make improvements for his class, working with the help of the sophomore Steering Committee.

While he did not expect to win the election last spring, Meschisen has already found success in his new role. So far, he has taken on numerous projects and strengthened communications within his class. 

“People didn’t think I was taking it seriously,” Meschisen said. “They thought I was doing it just because I could, but I actually wanted to help better our class and create a fun, open environment.”

Although this is Meschisen’s first year involved with the Steering Committee, he had thought about running for a position for a long time. 

“I wanted to run freshman year, but I felt like I didn’t have the right voice to say anything and I wasn’t sure what I would do if elected,” Meschisen said. “I didn’t want to be someone who just sat at the meetings and observed; I wanted to actually be part of it. I wanted to have a strong influence so I could make my goals happen.”

Kristen Morcone, who advises the sophomore Steering Committee along with Nicole Ruffo, has high hopes for this year’s Steering Committee and Meschisen’s role in it.

“So far Nathan has been a great class president and leader,” Morcone said. “The meetings that he has run so far were very organized and all had great purpose. He comes with lots of ideas and does a great job of listening to his peers.”

Sophomore vice president Tim Zhang feels this year is promising for their Steering Committee and is impressed with Meschisen’s dedication to his new role.

“I think Nathan is a really good president,” Zhang said. “I like that he takes initiative and asks the right questions. He’s certainly not quiet, and he’s not arrogant either; he gets things done.” 

Meschisen spends a lot of time engaging with his class and recruiting people to come to their Steering meetings. 

“I enjoy being able to advocate for the class, along with increasing participation,” Meschisen said. “The more people involved the better. My goal as class president is to engage with the student body as much as possible to get the most rounded answers possible.”

Meschisen has adjusted to the role of class president with relative ease, but has found some aspects of the role to be particularly challenging.

“In reality there is a lot of planning with administration and custodians,” Meschisen said. “Everything is just so complex. I didn’t realize how much work went into planning things until I got involved.”

The administration has already turned down an idea for a class trip to Six Flags due to logistical issues, but Meschisen is still preparing a busy schedule for this year in order to get a head start on fundraising for junior prom. The sophomore Steering Committee hopes to bring back a pre-pandemic tradition.

“It is called The Variety Show,” Morcone said. “We are going to try to get some musicians or performers back to school at night. It’s something that faded away in the last couple years, but we are really excited about trying to bring it back in February.”

The sophomore Steering Committee loved the Movie Night event that was hosted by Student Council this September and hopes to host a similar event later this year.

“Events like that can really bring our community together, which I think is a lot more important than the money we raised from it,” Meschisen said. 

Zhang encourages every sophomore interested in helping their class to attend Steering Committee meetings.

“It’s a really open environment,” Zhang said. “We discuss the agenda, which can be talking about things like events or fundraisers. Anybody can come and give their ideas and input and contribute.”

The sophomore Steering Committee hopes to get as many people as possible involved in organizing and planning a great year for the class of 2025. 

“We try to have weekly meetings every Thursday after school in Ms. Ruffo’s room, E108,” Morcone said. “Keep up with our Instagram and if you have any questions feel free to contact anyone in the Steering Committee.”