New week, new music: Friday, Oct. 14

Zoe Manousos, A&E Editor

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another “New Music Friday” review! 

If I’m being completely honest, I struggled to pick three favorites this week. I was not a huge fan of the selection, but I ended up finding three great new songs. 

Top 3 (in no particular order)

1. I’ve always loved the choices Alexander 23’s makes with his music, and I was impressed with his new release, “Ill” (ft. Kenny Beats). Alexander 23 has produced relatively depressing yet beautiful music in the past, and this song definitely stuck with this pattern in the best way possible. He is known as an artist for the pop genre even though his music is often heartbreaking. Though the lyrics in “Ill” are sad, the peppy beat is maintained throughout the song highlighting Alexander 23’s ability to experiment with different styles. I did not know he was dropping new music, so this single was a delightful surprise for me! 

What was your favorite song released this past week?


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2. “omw” by Ashe was shockingly one of my favorites on this week’s playlist. I’ve heard a couple of her songs before, but I would not consider myself a consistent listener. The only songs I’ve heard by her have been sad, but this release was rich with energy, appealing vocals and uplifting lyrics. In contrast to her old music and some of the other songs on her new album, “omw” emphasizes how she is shying away from those dark feelings and leaning towards a brighter future. 

3. The 1975 released a whole new album, which I didn’t know about prior to seeing the song “Oh Caroline” on the “New Music Friday” playlist. I’ve always enjoyed the songs that I know by The 1975, but this release was an exciting discovery for me. I could hear the build up in the music right up until the highly energetic chorus. Lead singer Matthew Healy illustrates the pain of heartbreak and the gratitude for second chances all through a playful catchy tune. 

Though I wasn’t amazed by every song on the playlist this week, I definitely enjoyed listening to these three new releases. I hope you all listen along with me next week!