Keeping up with ‘The Voice’: Final Auditions, First Battles


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Dia Malai and Valarie Harding battled with the song “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan.

Riya Mahanta and Katherine Wu

Before reading this piece, check out our blog post on the third week of blind auditions if you missed it!

This week on “The Voice”, the final blind auditions aired and the battles began. For the battles, two singers on the same team duet on a song picked by their coach, who then chooses a singer to advance to the next round, the knockouts. Each coach also gets one steal (allowing them to choose the loser of another coach’s battle onto their team) and one save (keeping the loser of the battle on their team), as well as a battle adviser to assist with training the singers. 

For their battle advisers, coach John Legend invited R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan, coach Blake Shelton invited country artist Jimmie Allen, coach Gwen Stefani invited rapper Sean Paul and coach Camila Cabello invited pop artist Charlie Puth. 

Additionally, the coaches’ performance of Cabello’s “Havana” aired on Monday after all the auditions. Since there were less performances this week, we will be ranking our top three instead of top five.

Our Top Three

1. For team Legend’s first battle, Dia Malai and Valarie Harding sang “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan. Both of them incorporated impressive runs and displayed extensive artistry, but Malai captivated the audience with her facial expressions and attitude. In the end, however, Legend chose Harding as the winner because he believed he had to honor who was better vocally. While we understand Legend’s choice, we wish Malai was stolen or saved, as both Cabello and Stefani stated that they would’ve picked her as the winner.

2. Kim Cruse sang “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. for her audition, incorporating numerous brilliant note changes and special additions to the song. Cruse’s tone was so soothing and she hit all the high notes of the song effortlessly, causing all four coaches to turn their chairs. Legend even stated that Cruse deserves to be in the finale of the show, and Cruse picked him as her coach. 

3. For his audition, Jaeden Luke sang Bread’s “Make It With You”. Immediately, his unique tone captured the audience. His voice was so gentle yet powerful, and his falsetto was impressive, switching seamlessly from his chest to head voice. Shelton and Legend turned around for him, and although Cabello and Stefani wanted to turn as well, they couldn’t because their teams were already full. Luke chose to be on Shelton’s team, filling the last spot.

Coach Rosters (as of Oct. 11)

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Team Stefani: Ian Harrison, Jay Allen, Alyssa Witrado, Sadie Bass, Cara Brindisi, Julia Aslanli, Tanner Howe, Kayla Von Der Heide, Destiny Leigh, Kique, Daysia, Justin Aaron, Rowan Grace

Team Legend: Omar Cardona, Emma Brooke, David Andrew, Peyton Aldridge, Valarie Harding, Morgan Taylor, Parijita Bastola, The Marilynds, SOLsong, Kara McKee, Lana Love, Kim Cruse, Nia Skyfer

Team Cabello: Morgan Myles, Orlando Mendez, Reina Ley, Devix, Chello, Andrew Igbokidi, Ava Lynn Thuresson, Sasha Hurtado, Sydney Kronmiller, Eric Who, Zach Newbould, Grace Bello, Steven McMorran, Constance Howard

Team Shelton: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Kevin Hawkins, Brayden Lape, The Dryes, Madison Hughes, Eva Ullmann, Hillary Torchiana, Ansley Burns, Bodie, Austin Montgomery, Benny Weag, Jaeden Luke

Make sure to join us next week as the battles continue!