New week, new music: Friday, Oct. 7

Zoe Manousos, A&E Editor

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first week of my “New Music Friday” blog! 

For those of you who do not know, on the Spotify app, a playlist is updated every Friday from one of Spotify’s playlist editors, and it is titled “New Music Friday”. This playlist consists of recently released music from all different kinds of genres. Every week, I plan to pick my favorite three songs from the playlist to share with all of you. The New Music Friday playlist is definitely my favorite time of the week, and hopefully it can be yours too after reading along!

Top 3 (in no particular order):

1. The song “Radio” by Dayglow starts off with a high-energy intro that really hooked me in. The upbeat instrumentals started off right from the beginning and carried out throughout the whole song, keeping me intrigued and engaged throughout its entirety. The energy of Dayglow’s music overall gives off warmth and a sense of security, which reminds me of how I feel during the summer. I am thankful that “Radio” was released this week because I have definitely been missing summer recently.

2. Jazmine Sullivan has an outstandingly vast range and a beautiful voice, both of which were emphasized in her song “Stand Up”. This song is from the Original Motion Picture “Till”, which I am unfamiliar with, but will definitely look into. Sullivan’s raw vocals in the beginning are highlighted by the subtle instruments that play in the background. The energy of the track picks up when the vocals die down, the cheerful instrumentals increase, and a consistent drumbeat is added in. Everything is tied together with what sounds like people clapping. All of these elements are paired perfectly to enhance the listening experience for the audience. 

3. Now to completely switch up from the vibe of the other two songs, “Shordie” by G Herbo (with Gunna) was one of my favorites on this week’s “New Music Friday”. The song starts off relatively quietly with some instrumentals and few people speaking until all of the sudden, the beat drops with a catchy up-beat chorus lead by both G Herbo and Gunna. The verse directly after the chorus features solely G Herbo, and he doesn’t disappoint. After G Herbo’s verse, Gunna and G Herbo’s rapping skills complement each other nicely throughout the rest of the song, with the chorus making an appearance a couple more times. This is definitely a catchy and enjoyable song to listen to. 

I highly encourage everyone to take a few minutes of your day to give these songs a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

See you next Friday! 

What was your favorite song released this past week?


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