Going Vegan is a Privilege


Dayeon Lee

Assistant Opinion Editor Lila Shields writes that vegan diets can be inaccessible due to the high prices of plant-based products.

Lila Shields, Assistant Opinion Editor

At Target, the cost of ground beef burgers is seven dollars for 16 ounces while Impossible Burgers are ten dollars for the same amount. With this information, the typical cost per Impossible Burger is $2.50 while a beef burger is $1.75. This price gap adds up and leaves many people unable to afford a plant based diet. 

In an ideal world, plant-based products would not be double the price compared to non-vegan ones, though the reality is that it’s hard to afford going vegan. 

Slaughtering animals is one of the easiest ways to produce food due to the lack of laws protecting them as well as the absence of information for the public. This has led the prices to remain relatively affordable. 

According to My Food Data, meat is one of the most efficient ways to add protein to your diet. For example, six ounces of chicken breasts is packed with 54 grams of protein. 

Beans, nuts, tofu, chickpeas and greens have countless nutritional values, yet some of these are allergens. Many fast food restaurants do not have these options available (such as McDonald’s) which makes it even harder to eat as a vegan on the go. 

A lot of people who have switched back to being omnivores were not fueling their bodies and balancing their diet. Some that go vegan for a short period of time will rely on sugary foods that are not sustainable to live a healthy life. Going vegan does not have to be sudden, as it is important to allow your body to adjust to the change and ease into it to prevent health problems. 

In addition to protesting against animal cruelty, there are countless other reasons individuals choose to not consume animal products. This avoidance could also be attributed to religious or personal beliefs, health problems, or simply disliking the taste. On the other hand, not all people have the ability to go vegan due to allergies, family meal preparation, health conditions, and expenses. A common phrase that should be emphasized is, to blame the producer, not the consumers. The root of this problem is that large companies capitalize on animal products by breeding an immense amount and killing young male animals that are considered worthless for the industry. There is also a lack of restaurants with vegan options on the menu other than the typical side garden salad or fries—both being non-substantial meals.

The state of the plant-based food industry highlights the skyrocketing prices of plant-based options in recent years due to the high demand, which has led to decreased access to the ability to afford this luxury. Price inflation of meat substitutes has led to moderate classism by not providing a choice for lower income citizens to purchase plant based brands due to the high prices compared to real meats. 

Everyone deserves to have a diet that is healthy for their body and sustainable. Going vegan is restrictive, leading it to be unattainable for many individuals.

Are you or have you ever considered being vegan?


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