Q&A: Boys’ tennis wraps up season


Owen Jones

Junior Cameron Jackson goes to hit the ball. Algonquin competed against St. Johns on May 13.

Grace Bouzan, Senior Staff Writer

The boys’ tennis season finished with a 10-8 record for the regular season and ended tournament play in round 16 with a 5-0 loss to second-ranked Lexington. Earlier in the season, captains senior Jack Stevenson and junior Henry Zhao reflected on the team and their roles as captains. 

Why did you join the tennis team? 

Stevenson: “I joined the tennis team because I played in middle school for a little bit at Westborough Swim and Tennis. I wanted to keep playing in high school.”

Zhao: “I always played tennis when I was young. I also heard from previous students that the tennis team was very good and strong.” 

What was your first impression of the team?

Stevenson: “A good program … we had an excellent captain.” 

What is your favorite thing about playing tennis? 

Zhao: “My favorite thing about playing tennis at Algonquin is playing with the team. My entire tennis career I either played by myself or [with] one or two others. But with a team you have people watching and cheering for you. It’s just an amazing environment.”

How has the team made you proud? 

Stevenson: “The chemistry we have going is amazing. Everyone on the team is very different. We all pull it together and make it work.”

Zhao: “Don’t sleep on tennis. Tennis is actually a really fun sport. Anyone who is looking for a varsity letter, loves to play a sport and [has] experience in a team environment, please consider tennis [as] a sport to play.”