Wolfe retires after years of supporting students


Priya Maraliga

Access tutor Mary Ellen Wolfe retires after six and a half years of working at Algonquin.

Marygrace Sarrasin, Assistant News Editor

Access program tutor Mary Ellen Wolfe will retire after dedicating six and a half years to supporting, uplifting and guiding Algonquin students in their academic careers. 

Wolfe works closely with students who have been absent for a substantial period of time for various reasons ranging from mental health struggles to physical injuries. 

“While working one on one with students, I enjoy the ability to get to know them and support them,” Wolfe said. “I work with students who have missed school for different reasons, and I support them in transitioning back into school, getting their work organized, and tutoring them in areas where I can.” 

Before her tutoring position, Wolfe served as a long term math substitute at ARHS, and has continued to teach developmental math at Quinsigamond Community College. Her background in education enhances her skills and helps her create a positive learning environment.

Throughout her time at ARHS Wolfe was not only able to connect with students, but also impact her colleagues such as Special Education teacher Alissa Luippold, Adjustment Counselor Sarah McNulty and Director of Guidance Lisa Connery.

“Having been a teacher, she was really able to reach a lot of students and to help them feel successful despite challenges that were happening in their lives at the time,” McNulty said. 

Connery believes Wolfe was well-suited for her position as a tutor.

“I think a combination of her wonderful personality and how calm and approachable she is, along with her skill set that she brought from a tutoring perspective is really what helped her find success in [the Access] program,” Connery said. 

Wolfe’s colleagues will miss her bright personality.

“She has been a ray of sunshine; she is really just a happy, easy-go-lucky person,” Luippold said. “It’s going to be hard to not have her around the building for sure.”

After retirement, Wolfe plans to take history courses and continue her teaching at Quinsigamond Community College. In addition to her education-related plans, Wolfe will be beginning piano lessons and looks forward to visiting family and friends in warmer locations such as Florida and California. 

“I hope to leave the idea that a quiet, supportive space is very beneficial for a student environment,” Wolfe said. “It’s been a pleasure working here and having the opportunity to work one-on-one with students.”