New Assistant Principal excited to join community


Submitted Janet Brown

New Assistant Principal Janet Brown, who enjoys skiing and spending time with her family and dogs, is looking forward to working at Algonquin.

Riya Mahanta, News Editor

New Assistant Principal Janet Brown is excited to begin work and join the Algonquin community on July 1.

Brown, who has been an educator since 1993, was an English teacher, an English department head, and is currently the vice principal at Narragansett Regional High School. She will be replacing Interim Assistant Principal Ron Sudmyer who has been in the administrative role since Tim McDonald resigned in October 2021. 

Principal Sean Bevan believes Brown has many strong qualities.

“The progression of Mrs. Brown’s professional growth really stood out to me as someone who was incredibly diligent, detail oriented, making strides toward building leadership potential and energy and who thinks about the holistic needs of students but also thinks about what teachers need to feel valued and do their best work with students,” Bevan said. 

One of the reasons Brown applied for the position at Algonquin was because of the positive community.

“I applied to Algonquin for the people; I lived for many years in Shrewsbury, so I was familiar with Northborough and Southborough as a community,” Brown said. “When I heard about the job, I was in a meeting with Algonquin’s two current assistant principals, and I was impressed with them and their work.”

Additionally, Brown appreciates that there is a pattern of alumni returning to work at Algonquin.

“I really liked the idea that Algonquin has a rich community of students returning to become teachers,” Brown said. “A prime example would be Principal Bevan and his experience of being a teacher at Algonquin for years and then going on to be a principal in a different high school but then choosing to return to this community, which tells me Algonquin is a great place to be and work.”

According to Brown, there is a lot that goes into being an assistant principal. 

“I think an assistant principal is a support and service position, and so I support the school community as a whole but more specifically the ninth and eleventh grade,” Brown said. “There are lots of different facets to the assistant position; the ones that I think are the most powerful for me are helping students find their voice, grow their ideas and find opportunities for engagement, growth and development.” 

Brown enjoys working as an assistant principal and especially finds fulfillment from helping students succeed.

“I feel very privileged when everything is going right and students are full of ideas, but also with those students when things happen and school discipline is necessary and there are some real growth opportunities for students,” Brown said. “I appreciate being able to work with students when things go wrong and also being able to help support teachers and to help them grow and learn.”

There are lots of different facets to the assistant position; the ones that I think are the most powerful for me are helping students find their voice, grow their ideas and find opportunities for engagement, growth and development.”

— Janet Brown, New Assistant Principal

Bevan believes Brown will bring a valuable skill set to Algonquin.

“We were looking for somebody who could establish strong relationships with kids and teachers, help us build on already strong teaching practices and strengthen relations with kids, and Mrs. Brown is somebody who can build on those areas,” Bevan said.

In addition to other qualities, Brown holds a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher certification. 

“I am excited to be able to work with students and faculty in opportunities presented to me in stress reduction practices that I have a great deal of study in,” Brown said. 

When Brown isn’t at school, she spends her free time with her family and dogs, enjoys making stained glass, skiing and cooking. 

“In high school I used to work at a pizza and sub shop, and I can still make and hand stretch my own dough and throw it up in the air,” Brown said. 

Although there may be some challenges, Brown is excited to begin her journey at Algonquin.

“A challenge I look forward to is coming into an established community and getting to know everyone,” Brown said. “I have a tremendous sense of gratitude to be given this opportunity and I am overjoyed at the prospect of coming here next year.”