Senior Reflection: Listen to your seniors

Tisya Singh, Online Editor

Growing up, we’ve been taught to listen to those older than us. Whether that be parents, teachers or cousins, we’re expected to follow what they tell us to do. Unfortunately, teenagers don’t listen. We don’t appreciate being told what to do, and our high self-esteems convince us that we know what’s best for ourselves. Spoiler alert: we don’t.

As a freshman that was new to the town of Southborough, I didn’t know any upperclassmen. When given advice about classes, I’d take it with a grain of salt and the horrid superiority mindset that I could do better than they had. What did they know about me? Of course I could take seven APs in the same year and be okay (thank god I never did that, but middle school me definitely did consider it).

What I wish I had done was take their advice. Whether it be about high school teachers, classes or life, seniors have experienced it all. As I find myself in the same shoes, I look upon underclassmen who remind me of the academically-honed student I used to be. My advice to them, which they probably don’t want to hear, is to let go a little and have some fun. 

As COVID has taught us all, time goes by incredibly fast. I had always heard upperclassmen saying to take advantage of your high school years, but I never really took that to the essence until my high school career basically got cut down by a quarter. 

Rather than spending hours working towards a couple extra points, I wish I had spent more time doing things I enjoyed. As I leave high school, the letters on my report card don’t matter nearly as much as random memories of late night FaceTime calls and after-school Starbucks runs with my friends, which I wish I had more of. 

I’m not saying to forget about being a good student, but although my past self relied on those high grades, my present and future selves look back and regret not making the most out of my four years. 

So study, make memories and have fun because high school really does fly by. But then again, what do I know about high school? I’m just a senior.