Senior Reflection: High school isn’t as bad as we all think, change your perspective and find the silver linings

Amy Sullivan, Sports Editor

We all like to complain about high school: getting up early, COVID, taking tests, that one teacher, parking passes, and trust me, I’m right there complaining too. I have three older siblings, and while I complain, I realize that these are not the things they talk about from their time at Algonquin. They talk about old friends, football games, that time at the Garden, teammates, bus rides, early mornings in the parking lot and senior skip day. That has me thinking about perspective.

As senior year and high school come to a close, we can’t wait to be finished. We are all looking forward to the next thing. But Algonquin truly has been a place of growth and opportunity, not only through the academic courses but through the lessons and people. 

High school has definitely been a ride, but one, as I sit and write this in the last weeks of high school, I will forever cherish. Algonquin truly is a place that offers something for everyone, and there are ample ways to try new things. It never occurred to me to write for the Harbinger, yet four years later here I am. I even joined DECA sophomore year blindly and ended up making it to ICDC my senior year. I encourage everyone to use all Algonquin has to their advantage, to find their interests and even learn their dislikes.  

The people of Algonquin have also impacted my four years here significantly. I have had a handful of teachers that have truly impacted my choices. In my freshman year, I would not have expected to be saying that. I have friends that will become my oldest friends, and I am grateful for them, as they have helped shape me and my past four years.

As we all get ready to move on, take a minute of your own to appreciate what Algonquin has meant to you. There is a silver lining in all the “hardships” of high school, and I know I will definitely miss everything Algonquin has taught and done for me.