Senior Reflection: You are what you wear

Jessie Lambert, Managing Editor

I think it’s safe to say that my style has evolved throughout my four years at Algonquin. Looking back, I feel as if the evolution of my everyday style reflects my moods and also what was important to me through the years. 

Freshman year, I dressed up practically every day for school, which definitely reflected my desire to stand out amongst my small group of friends but blend in with a large crowd. Although I wouldn’t wear what I wore freshman year anymore (like those tight, ripped jeans), I would still say that for the time, my style wasn’t too bad. But, I was still starting to discover who I am. 

Sophomore year was similar to freshman year. Sure, maybe my style was a little out of the ordinary, but nothing crazy. With the increased popularity of Tiktok, I tended to wear a lot of ‘trends’ that I saw (flashback to turtlenecks and sweater vests). Usually, they went out of style within two months, so I’m definitely not a huge fan of my sophomore style which was more trend-based and less “me.” 

I would say that my style peaked junior year. Although I barely attended school due to COVID-19, I made sure that for the two days I did go to in-person school, I was wearing something unique, with a focus on interesting pants, like bright pink or zebra print, which I still wear regularly today. 

This year, I have incorporated clothing from junior year and more comfortable clothing to create my laid-back style which encapsulates who I am now. During the week, I typically wear flared yoga pants and a sweatshirt one day, and colorful jeans with a matching shirt the next. 

My new relaxed style is a result of both the pandemic and my friends. For one, COVID has shown me comfort is key and that it is okay to just throw on a hoodie from time to time. Additionally, as I’ve gotten closer with my friends senior year, I have been inspired by their outfits, which tend to be more laid back. They have mastered the art of looking cute and staying comfortable, and that perfect mix reflects who I am, too. 

So, in the end, wear what makes you happy. Trends may change, influence can come from all over the place, but ultimately, your clothing should reflect who you are and what you’re feeling: anything goes, just be true to you.