Top 5 Beaches Around Here

When the summer heat hits and you are looking for a getaway, you should visit one of our top five beaches. They range from larger to smaller beaches, but are all beautiful getaways as day trips or even for renting a home for a longer trip. 

#5: Mayflower Beach (Dennis, Cape Cod)

Mayflower Beach is 30 minutes away from the bridge to Cape Cod, but there are beaches all along the string of the coast. The beach itself is very large, and some parts are private while others are open (though still cost a fee to park). Many people wake up extra early to race down to this beautiful beach with soft sand and clear water; however, it can be annoying at times when there is no place to sit. Pro tip: get up extra early and claim a spot because it can be hard to find an area to yourselves. 

#4: Wingaersheek Beach (Gloucester) 

Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester is not too far from here, but the parking lot fills up fast. The sand is so soft and white, and the water is very clear, making it a lot of fun to swim in. There are also many little tide pools and lots of large rocks that you can climb on or sit on. The beach however is somewhat small, especially depending on the tides, so you would have to leave early to secure both a parking spot as well as a good spot on the beach! 

#3: Plum Island Beach (Newburyport)

Plum Island runs through two towns, Newburyport and Newbury. You have many beaches to choose from that all have parking, and you can sit on the ocean side of the beach, go into the Parker River Reservation or you could go to the Merrimack River side of the small island. The wind usually comes off the water, which is very refreshing, and the water is cold but feels nice to go in and run out.

#2: Narragansett (Rhode Island) 

Narragansett beach at the tip of Rhode Island is the place to go for a nice morning surf. Many tourists from all over visit this place for its beauty. The town itself is quaint with cottages, shops and restaurants, drawing a lot of people in. Nearby is Newport, the ritzy side of Rhode Island, where you can find cute shops and good food. Narragansett has clear blue water with massive waves, but be careful of the undertow because it can be rough at times. Parking can be a little tricky around here, but there are many spots on the side of the road with meters. 

#1: White Horse Beach (Plymouth) 

White Horse Beach is on the coast of Plymouth, surrounded by a cute little town with fun shops and tourist places. The beach itself is beautiful and one of the top places to find sea glass. The general store is where you want to park your car, throwing a twenty to the attendant. When you step on the beach you see a beautiful painting of the American flag on a massive rock out in the ocean. The water is usually cold but on a hot sweaty day it feels extremely refreshing. The beach is filled with locals saying hi to everyone as they pass making you feel welcomed.