REVIEW: ‘Fresh’ brings bad dates to a whole new (cannibalistic) level


Courtesy Searchlight Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Hyperobject Industries

‘Fresh’ shares an interesting story through fantastic cinematography and soundtrack.

Joceline Giron, Assistant Online Editor

“Fresh” (2022) is a well-written thriller that makes viewers uncomfortable, but in a really good way. How wrong can a date go to the point where it ends with cannibalism and you on the menu? The film shines light on a topic that many people don’t expect to happen, paired with amazing cinematography to carry the majority of the film’s story line. With the dark topic of cannibalism, there is quite a bit of gore and nudity throughout the movie. 

The film starts out with the protagonist, Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), in her early twenties, on a bad date. Her dating life is struggling but, luckily, she has her best friend, Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs), to support her through her trials and tribulations with love. But when Noa meets Steve (Sebastian Stan) at the grocery store, a seemingly nice and sweet guy, her life gets turned upside down in the worst way possible. While on a weekend getaway, Noa soon finds out that Steve is a cannibal who kidnaps women after she is kidnapped by him.

Steve uses the women as a supply for meat to give to people in high positions. They are not killed right away, but are slowly mutilated until they are at the point of death. Yet, Noa seems to be a special case compared to these other women as she is not immediately used as a product. She must use her luck in order to survive her disaster date. 

The movie is very well produced with amazing cinematography throughout the whole film that immerses the viewer into the storyline. The sequences that are used are not the average composition that is used for films. The constant use of close up shots brings a sort of intimacy to the film, which is fitting since the film is very upfront with the topic of cannibalism. The viewer is able to see Steve’s joy while he is cutting these women into slices to send out to buyers from these close ups. 

Not only does the film have amazing camerawork, but it has a spectacular soundtrack with the eighties pop style synths and drums that intensifies the viewer’s discomfort throughout the film even though it’s set around the 2020s. The film isn’t heavy on songs with lyrics, but it is the driving force of the film, giving it an unsettling atmosphere. Composer Alex Somers’s talents were recognized with a Sundance Composer Spotlight for his work on the film. 

“Fresh” (rated R) is currently streaming on Hulu. I would highly recommend this movie for people who like well-directed films, but I would not recommend it for the faint of heart. And if this film teaches anything, always remember to look into people before going on a weekend getaway with them.