Girls’ rugby co-captain reflects on season


Owen Jones

The Girls’ Algonquin Rugby team plays in a game.

Grace Bouzan, Senior Staff Writer

With a record of 0-4 as of the end of the season, according to senior co-captain Kareena Khurana, the girls’ rugby team stayed strong until the end. 

What was your first impression of rugby when you started playing compared to now?

“I had no knowledge in my freshman year when I started playing. There were definitely more upperclassmen. We lost 15 [graduates] last year, so this year the team is young.” 

What are your personal goals for the season? Were you able to accomplish them so far? 

“With the help of my other captains [seniors Shannon Hill and Isabella Pike] we are able to keep the team engaged and keep playing.”

What are the team’s goals for this season?

“We are a rebuilding team…We are taking it one step at a time. We are analyzing losses and seeing how we can do better. We are doing it one game at a time.”

What was your favorite moment of the season so far?

“Our last game [against Lincoln Sudbury]. I had my first try [A way of scoring points] in the last game… It’s like a touchdown but for rugby.”

What is your favorite thing about playing rugby? 

“I look forward to finally getting the ball and scoring. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

What thing do you love about the team the most?

“Rugby always attracts different people. We are all very different and this leads to a really nice chemistry.”