Sisters on Tennis better each other as athletes


Katy O'Connell

Junior Elly Beauchesne and freshman Emmy Beauchesne competed at first and second singles on the girls’ tennis team for the 2022 season.

Zoe Manousos, Assistant Sports Editor

As the spring season progressed, junior Elly Beauchesne and her sister freshman Emmy Beauchesne found ways they could mutually benefit from having each other on the court.

The team recently ended their season in the first round of the state tournament against Lincoln-Sudbury. Of the three singles players who compete at matches, the Beauchesnes lead the team with Elly at first singles and Emmy at second singles.  

“I’d say overall and comparatively she’s the best one for me to play against, so we play each other a lot,” Elly Beauchesne said. “I think we push each other especially when we play against each other because we play the best against each other.”

The two sisters discovered that bickering with each other helps them both release some of the pressure that radiates off of the court during matches. 

“The only people you’ll hear yelling at each other are me and Emmy,” Elly Beauchesne said. “We get along well but in tennis, tensions are really high, so it’s nice having someone you can really yell at on the court. You can’t be yelling at some teammate and accidentally make a freshman cry.”

The sport itself is challenging on both a personal and a team level, so having someone to unleash frustration and anxiety on is beneficial to the overall quality of each match. 

“Tennis is definitely a super mental sport so having someone you can actually yell at is nice but it’s never serious,”  Elly Beauchesne said.

As a freshman playing for her first year on the varsity tennis team, Emmy Beauchesne found value in making close connections with the other players on the team. 

“It’s been good, we’re all pretty close,” Emmy Beauchesne said. “Getting to know a lot of people has been nice.”

As the team advanced in the playoffs, Emmy Beauchesne reminisced on the season thus far and was sad to see her first year on the team coming to a close. 

“Saying goodbye to our seniors at senior night was a sad moment but it was definitely still fun,”  Emmy Beauchesne said.

Emmy Beauchesne understands the significance of hard work and dedication during each match she competes in. 

“At my first match, I went to a third set, and coming back from that and winning was really fun because then it’s all worth it,” Emmy Beauchesne said.