Girls’ softball looks back fondly on season


Owen Jones

Freshman Shriya Balu swings her bat.

Zoe Manousos, Assistant Sports Editor

Despite an abrupt end to the season due to an opposing team forfeiting, the girls’ softball team finished their season on a high note with a win and a record of 5-15. 

At the season-opening game, the team led a huge victory against North Middlesex with a final score of 14-13.

“Our first game, we were down by seven runs and we ended up making a huge comeback and winning,” sophomore Tessa James said. “We had a walk-off win and everyone was so hyped. It set good energy and a good vibe for the season. It was exciting to come back and win against a team that had beat us twice last year, especially when we knew they weren’t expecting us to win.”

In just a year’s difference, James noticed a transformation in the level of play and strategy of the team.

“We really advanced our plays more than last year,” James said. “Last year, we were a younger team, and I would say we’re still a younger team, but we definitely have more advanced and more competitive plays. We had multiple double plays and we had more girls being more strategic on the field, and I think that saved us a lot of runs.” 

The team connected right off the bat, as the returning players prioritized making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. 

“We were a really close team,” sophomore Gianna Esposito said. “We all got along great and had a lot of fun. The team was well spread out throughout all of the grades so there was a mix of everyone. The seniors were super welcoming to all of the sophomores and juniors, but especially the new freshmen who may have been nervous.” 

After making it through last season with challenging COVID restrictions, the team was able to play mostly restriction-free and bring back old team bonding traditions as well. 

“We were able to do a lot of team bonding which we weren’t able to do last year due to COVID, so it was really exciting to be able to make new memories and get to know everyone more,” Esposito said. “Before the season, we did a lot of captains’ practices at the Shrewsbury Club just to get ready for tryouts, and to get to know the girls who were trying out.”

The team tried out a new version of a pasta party, which turned out to be a huge success. 

“Our very first pasta party was at Yummy Mummy Bakery and that was probably the best way to start off the pasta parties because everyone had so much fun,” James said. “We decorated cupcakes and we told stories from last year about each other, and it was a really good way for everyone to get to know each other.”

The team consisted of athletes from all four grades, but the age differences did not affect the connections and friendships that were made. 

“I never felt like there was a huge divide between the different grades,” James said. “Obviously you have your friends within your own grade, but everyone got along with each other. The freshmen were very close and carpooled together, but they also talked to us and wanted to be with us.” 

Team bonding events that happened off the field were memorable highlights from the season. 

“I really liked our scavenger hunt because we split up into teams, and I was able to bond with my team while we were out and about doing crazy things in public,” James said. “After the scavenger hunt, we all went back for a sleepover, and we told stories, shared fun moments with each other, and had a good time.”

The players are grateful for all of the memories they created on and off the field this year, and look forward to the memories that are in store for them next season.