Boys’ lacrosse attacks challenging season


Owen Jones

Members of the boys’ lacrosse team compete in a game against St. John’s.

Delaney Cosentino and Lily Chan

Boys’ lacrosse has formed a determined and cooperative team through hard work and support, propelling them to an 11-6 record as of May 30. 

The 25-player team is led by senior co-captains Charlie David and Colin Connors who help organize practices, game strategy and potential line-ups. Coach Matt Nofsinger, who has worked with boys’ lacrosse for seven seasons, guides the team with ambition and made sure the team had a rigorous practice schedule.

“Even though we’re young, I feel like we have a good chance to be competitive and potentially beat some of the teams that we are up against,” Nofsinger said. 

Although it is their first year playing as a Division I team, they have qualified for state playoffs, which could match them against lacrosse powerhouses. 

“I have high expectations for this season,” Nofsinger said. “We’ve been scheduling some more challenging games outside of the league so we will definitely have a demanding season, but I think that we can perform well and be competitive against these teams.”

According to David, a disappointing loss to Shrewsbury turned out to be just what the team needed to get their heads in the game. The captains have since noticed players taking their roles more seriously and working much harder at practice.

“The most important part of being captain is getting everyone on the team in the same mindset: ready to play and ready to improve,” Connors said.

According to the captains, freshmen players have had significant positive impacts, and many have stepped into key field positions. While these younger athletes are thriving on a varsity team, David recognizes the importance of strengthening their skills and creating a strong team for future lacrosse seasons.

“You can’t expect a freshman to step into a varsity role and be perfect, so when mistakes happen, we’ve been encouraging them to be better, see what they can work on, and help them,” David said.

Freshman midfielder Ben Yosca has been able to grow with the team and connect with his teammates. Yosca believes this season has prepared him for his future lacrosse endeavors.

“I get to see what it’s like to play at a varsity level at a young age and see what it takes to be a committed lacrosse player,” Yosca said.

Nofsinger has emphasized sportsmanship and effort when going into games. During practice, he has focused on consistently improving their offense and maintaining a strong defense. Senior defensive midfielder Charlie Hynes, who began playing lacrosse his junior year, has been positively impacted by the team’s motivation.

“The fact that I’ve been able to grow so much as a player…speaks volumes to the integrity of the coaching staff and how organized the team is as a whole and how well they develop new players,” Hynes said.

According to Nofsinger, the team has had great chemistry throughout the season and continues to exhibit their passion for the sport while making steady progress to improve. 

“At the beginning of the season they write up both personal and team goals, and every day we’re working towards those goals,” Nofsinger said.