Madden high jumps to second place at New England Championship indoor track meet


Kate DiTullio

Senior Brogan Madden placed second in New England in high jump.

Mason Casellini, Staff Writer

After claiming the Division II State Champion title, senior Brogan Madden placed second in New England in high jump for indoor track. 

Although his plans for the future in connection with track are still undecided, he is ready to use what he has learned from track in his everyday life. Madden has been competing in the high jump since he was a freshman. 

“Setting personal bests does not come often, but it is amazing when it happens,” Madden said. “I can’t wait for the future meets and opportunities I will have.”

Because COVID-19 majorly impacted Madden’s track season during his junior year, he struggled to perform at his greatest potential. However, this year with less COVID restrictions, Madden feels he was able to improve. 

“I got into better habits and techniques,” Madden said. “These allowed me to be able to get back to my successful position and be able to push higher as well and test my limits.”

Madden says the mental aspect of high jumping is critical, along with having good physical techniques. 

“When it comes to being in the right mindset at the exact perfect time, that takes real strength and patience,” Madden said.

Track has made a huge impact on Madden’s life and has taught him patience, discipline and passion. 

“There were days that I wasn’t putting all my effort in. There were days I was performing bad and really good,” Madden said. 

According to Madden, learning to relax has been the key to better performance. 

“When I become impatient, I start to perform worse and worse. I work on being more patient and relaxing more. It has worked so much and helped me learn more about myself as well,” Madden said. 

Madden looks forward to his final season of track at ARHS and plans to work hard to see what he can achieve.

“There is still a lot of road ahead of me and I can still improve a lot,” Madden said.