Senior produces videos for sports community


Owen Jones

Senior Dan Root shoots a video at a football game. Root enjoys filming and producing videos of various sports games.

Luke Utzschneider, Staff Writer

After developing a passion for videography, senior Dan Root spends his time filming and producing high-energy videos of various sports games, posting them on his Instagram page (@filmedbydan).

During Root’s sophomore year, he was injured and on crutches for a couple months, which left him looking for a new hobby. He remembered enjoying the Video Production course he took his freshman year and decided to give making videos a shot. In discovering this love for creating videos, the trajectory of Root’s life fundamentally changed. 

“I was like, ‘You know what? I might as well try this out,’” Root said. “I got one of the cameras from the school and ended up really liking it.” 

Root first prepares his equipment and films various aspects of games before he begins the editing process.

“I make sure I have space on my camera, SD cards are wiped, and I just make sure I get as much footage as I can because it’s better for post-production,” Root said.

After shooting the footage, he begins the post-production process, which takes about two to six hours, depending on the length of the video. It entails organizing the clips, color correcting, adding effects and making everything look clean and cohesive overall.

While he finds the actual process of crafting videos enjoyable, much of his fulfillment comes from the responses other people have to them. His favorite part throughout the process is actually going to watch the games, where many often recognize him and appreciate that he’s there filming.

“People reposting or liking my video gives me a sense that I’m making other people happy,” Root said. “I like that feeling of people appreciating what I put my hard work into.”

According to Root, a common misconception about videography is that it requires a lot of money to get into it, as he started with basic equipment and little money.

“I just had my laptop and this tiny little Canon camera, and then I worked my way up, and now I have my editing PC and big camera,” Root said. “Don’t let money get in the way of what you are passionate about.”

Root’s pursuit of his passion served as a catalyst for him to evolve as a person, and it opened his eyes to what he truly wants to do in the future. Now, he plans to study video production in college.

I like that feeling of people appreciating what I put my hard work into.

— Senior Dan Root

“It has helped me really express my creative interests and shown me what I want to do going into college,” Root said. “It has really been life changing for me.”

Root said videography has taught him patience and perseverance.

“You gotta persevere through those hours of staring at a screen trying to get down the most minute details,” Root said.

Videography also requires dedication—something Root has in abundance, spending almost all of his free time focusing on improving his skills.

“Dan is obsessed with filming; it’s not even dedicated at this point,” senior Jarad Ramos, Root’s friend, said. “Dan does three things: he goes to school, he goes to the gym and he works on filming. That’s literally his entire routine.”

Root is glad to have supportive friends and family, who have encouraged him along the way.

“They have come up to me multiple times and told me they respect me pursuing my passions, and I just think that’s really cool,” Root said.

Looking towards the future, Root is currently looking at an assortment of cinematic arts schools. He is open to basically any path that involves filming.

“Directing and editing movies, or anything in the line of sports,” Root said. “Music videos are also definitely something I would be interested in, along with documentary film.”