“The Adam Project:” Amazing from Beginning to End


Courtesy IMDb.com

“The Adam Project” introduces time-travel to produce a comical and heartfelt film.

Sahana Sivarajan, Assistant Online Editor

“The Adam Project,” directed by Shawn Levy, is a sci fi comedy that will make you cry and laugh while reminiscing on all the stages in life that you’ve been through.

Time-traveling fighter pilot, Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), from the dystopian year 2050, accidentally crash-lands in 2022 after stealing a time jet for a rescue mission to 2018. He meets his 12 year-old self (Walker Scobell) who is struggling with the recent death of their father, Louis (Mark Ruffalo), and teams up with his younger self for a mission to save the future.

Reynolds’ well known humor shines throughout the movie both through physical comedy and through his comical personality that works well with this movie. There are many funny moments such as when younger Adam can’t believe that he becomes “a buff guy” when in the year of 2022 he is the “kid with the inhaler” who is constantly getting bullied.

Despite the humorous moments, there are still heartfelt moments, such as when Adam realizes his younger self was treating his mother horribly due to his father’s death. Older Adam goes into a bar his mother is already in, leading to a tearful scene. It reminds you of the times when you hurt a person but you were too caught up in your own problems to even process the pain that you inflicted.

At the start of the movie, Adam despises his younger self because he is too naive and innocent. Adam soon realizes that it took a little kid to become his current self-strong and independent. His humor that he had as a kid helped him with his loss of his father and the amount of pain that he gave to others. For example, Adam only realizes at his older age that he hurt his mother many times as a kid because he was going through the loss of his father and as a result, he apologizes to her at the bar.

This movie proves a roller coaster of emotions. Without making any of the scenes unnatural, this film had the right amount of seriousness and humor making it flow perfectly. The actors, especially Reynolds and Scobell, did an amazing job with their flawless portrayal of their characters.

I’m extremely impressed with this movie, as the themes of fatherhood, grief and growing up all capture the audience both tearfully and comedically. We need more shows and movies like this one!

“The Adam Project,” which is rated PG-13 and has a 1 hour 46 minutes running time, is currently streaming on Netflix.