Community steps up to aid Afghan refugees


Graphic Marygrace Sarrasin

Northborough and Southborough members host donation drive for Afghan refugees.

Marygrace Sarrasin, Assistant News Editor

Community members of Northborough and Southborough have recently stepped up to aid local Afghan refugees through donations and housing assistance.

Due to the end of the Afghanistan war and rise of the Taliban into power, many Afghan residents have fled their country, with thousands searching for a safe place in America. Southborough and Northborough have become a home to one Afghan family each, with assistance from community organizations and Algonquin families and clubs.

The Interact Club of Northborough and Southborough, led by senior Cynthia Rajeshkanna, will be hosting a drive from March 31 to April 14. Necessities such as first aid materials, hand sanitizer, disposable masks, kitchen, bath, laundry supplies and Northborough town trash bags are all useful donations. Donations can be made at most elementary schools throughout Northborough and Southborough, and at multiple locations including the rotunda and classrooms in Algonquin. 

The donations from the drive will be given to the Northborough family, while the Southborough family is being assisted by the community in more private ways. Northborough has welcomed a single mother and her son, whereas details to the Southborough family are currently unknown. 

“For the time being, [how long they are staying] is a little undefined, because [the family] is not sure how long they are going to need to settle and get into the swing of things, but at least for a few months,” Rajeshkanna said. 

Students are encouraged to make donations during the upcoming two weeks and to welcome the new residents to our community.