Boys’ hockey captain reflects on season


Matea Rowe-Bond

Senior Ronan Cushman takes the face off on Jan. 8, 2022.

Grace Bouzan, Staff Writer

After a season focused on teamwork and goal-setting, the boys’ hockey team finished with an 11-8 record and accomplished their goals. 

Led by senior captains Ben Cotter, Sam Salvi and Thomas Hauck, the team worked to meet their goals throughout the season.

At the beginning of this season, players decided to write down goals on a board together and come up with ideas about how the team could improve. 

“Our goals were more about getting farther in the season other than the wins and losses,” Salvi said. “We tried to focus more on things we can control.”

Some of these goals the team involved fostering teamwork and better chemistry between players. 

With their goals set in place, the team made stronger connections, which is important to have in hockey.

“This year, everyone had a role in the team, and our chemistry improved throughout the season,” Salvi said. “We worked really well together through the end of the season.” 

Everyone on the team, including the three freshmen, played a role in the successes. 

 “Every player on our team is important,” Salvi said. “Every single player played.”

The team has also been working hard on and off the ice. Some members of the team also participate in club hockey, playing the sport six or seven times a week. 

“It’s a long season; we are basically together almost every single day,” Salvi said. “Since we have club four times a week and then are doing workouts off the ice for the school team, it was just hard for people to focus on the entire season.”

Salvi said he has enjoyed playing hockey for the high school team. He knows how much of an influence the sport has had, not only on him and his team, but on the rest of the community as well.

“Playing hockey has been really fun,” Salvi said. “I looked up to the players in the past and just tried to be a good role model this year. Knowing that everyone is watching you and younger kids at the rinks take this seriously, [it was important to] just be a positive influence on them.