Teachers shouldn’t get hung up on phones in class

Students should have the choice to use phones during class


Sania Hasan

Staff writer Lila Shields believes that students can explore their own learning style and gain independence through the ability to use their phones in class.

Lila Shields, Staff Writer

As soon as class starts, teachers tend to say “Put away your phones!” However, this imperative statement doesn’t mean the notifications stop, often leaving students feeling worried during class due to unresolved messages. 

Students should have the choice to go on their phones during class; if they miss part of the lesson, that is the consequence of their own choice. Using phones to take a brief break or to refresh is beneficial, as long as they aren’t distracting their peers. Devices can help them focus and allow them to receive closure before trying to focus on a new topic.

Many kids choose to leave the classroom with their phones to wrap up their previous conversations,  which leads me to believe that students having the choice to access their phones during class would prevent them from missing the lesson as a whole.

Students should still be encouraged not to use their phones during class if they want to perform well on assignments, but at the same time, they should still have the opportunity to choose for themselves. When teachers take away students’ phones, it can cause unease. It should be up to the individual person because they are in charge of their own actions. Teachers have the ability to use their phones while students are working, and it is unfair that kids don’t have the choice. 

Kids who do have trouble focusing while using phones should have this privilege revoked, though that doesn’t mean all students require this restriction. Some may struggle to pay attention while on their phones, though others may feel less stressed. If work is missed during that period due to the phone being distracting, the person should complete the task at home. 

Giving kids this choice gives them an idea of how to manage their time and prioritize what needs to get done. Students working on independence and discovering their learning style for themselves is valuable in the future.

Some teachers are more lenient than others, so it can be unfair if some kids have access to their phones while other kids don’t due to their stricter teachers. It should be fair, and all students should have the choice to do what they please.

Now that technology is becoming more prominent in society, the majority of students use their phones to pull up Canvas and other assignments because it can be more convenient. It can keep people organized because phones also allow them to keep track of notes, schedules and due dates. Taking away these tools can lead to stress and confusion.

In a way, phones can be used as stress relievers and even fidgets, keeping students’ hands busy while listening to lectures. Simple games on phones or even apps designed for stress-relieving activities can reduce anxiety and help them focus.

If there weren’t restrictions to devices, everyone would have the chance to access tools such as audio books, anxiety relief apps and music. Students know what is best for themselves and what fits their learning styles, and it should be their choice with how they spend their time.

According to the article “8 Ways, Generation Z Will Differ From Millennials In The Workplace,” Gen-Z is better at multitasking in comparison to past generations, and as a result, kids need more stimulants in order to focus better. Our generation benefits from other stimulants and can pay attention to multiple tasks at once.

Allowing students to have a choice to use their phones gives them the opportunity to discover their learning style and what is fitting for them. Answering notifications to get the topic off their mind can benefit their overall learning experience and ease stress.

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