REVIEW: Lovejoy’s first EP “Are You Alright?” an emotional, nostalgic ride


Courtesy AWAL

Lovejoy’s first EP “Are You Alright”, consisting of four tracks, was released on May 8, 2021.

Joceline Giron, Assistant Online Editor

Although “Are You Alright?” is Lovejoy’s first EP (released on May 8, 2021), it provides a sense of comfort and nostalgia to its listeners through its sound similar to songs of the 2000s. 

Lovejoy is an indie band from England with an alternative/indie sound with a hint of pop. The band is composed of singer and rhythm guitarist Will Gold, bassist Ash Kabosu, lead guitarist Joe Goldsmith and drummer Mark Boardman. The band’s songwriters, Goldsmith and Gold, have released two EPs including their debut,“Are You Alright?”

Although the EP only contains four songs, the album contains many conflicting emotions expressed through the guitar, drums and bass with a few other instruments thrown in the mix. The sound is similar to what Panic! At the Disco had in their early days. 

The EP opens with the song “Taunt” which is about the singer criticizing their partner about how they treat others. The song calls out how fake their partner is when they are in public with the lyric, “And don’t you think that we can all tell?/ You’re insecure, you’re insecure” from how they try and fake appearances. The song has an upbeat instrumental that conflicts with the more agitated lyrics. In addition to their typical sound of heavy drums and guitar, a trumpet part becomes more apparent near the end near the bridge. 

The track, “One Day,” is a catchy song full of repetition in its chorus that keeps going back to the thought of maybe one day, I’ll change my cycle, but it won’t because life is inconsistent. A part in the second verse that stands out the most from the whole song is in the second verse. The lyric, “She said, ‘Let’s talk about / What I want to do’/ ‘Cause all I want to do/ Is turn back time/ At least a couple Tuesdays/ To before I found one life, turn two”, discusses how the singer was hopeful of the relationship before they began to drift. Listeners can relate to this song if they feel as if they live in this cycle that isn’t enjoyable for them. 

“Sex Sells” has to be my favorite song off the EP. The song is the change in EP that moves it from fast and upbeat to a somber, slower pace. The song is about the singer being cheated on, and they criticize their partner as the song goes on. The lyric “How’s it feel?/ How’s it feel to be so loved?/ How’s it feel to be so loved, yet so alone?” seems to continue the criticism from the previous songs.  With its melancholy tone, it’s an amazing song to listen to no matter the time of day. 

The last song,“Cause for Concern,” has the most somber sound out of the whole EP. It is mainly instrumental with lyrics that keep repeating. Throughout the song, the lines “You could knock the wind out of my breath/ You could kick the teeth into my head” change to “You could suck the wind out of my breath/ And you could kiss the teeth into my head”. Those are the only two words that change and seem to indicate a reconciliation of the two characters or one giving forgiveness for the others wrongdoings. The change in lyrics drives listeners to think that the singer isn’t able to hate their partner even after all the bad things they have done to them. 

“Are You Alright?” is a great stepping stone for the rest of Lovejoy’s career. On multiple occasions, I have sung my whole heart out since the EP was first released. They have since released a second EP, “Pebble Brain,” that is worth listening to along with an album in the making. You can stream the EP on any listening platform.