Pandemic Album: Snapshots add meaning to the pandemic

Looking back at the last two years through pictures

Yahya Ibrahimi, Staff Writer

Rewinding back to the beginning of the pandemic almost two years ago, the experiences I had will never be matched. An entire string of events that would have lasting effects began from a supposed two-week break. I remember the days that followed in spring 2020 when my classes would end hours early, and my family would have nothing to do. 

Months had passed and my freshman year of high school was starting soon, but I still had no idea what was going to happen with my future. My usually-optimistic dad had even lost hope at regularity at that point. But as my first month of online school in the fall of 2020 passed, I found a new obsession. 

I began taking pictures of everything and anything I thought looked interesting. Whether it was a nice car or the beautiful scenery, I would take a picture. As the COVID case count went up on the CDC’s website, so did the number of images in my camera roll.

Recently, while looking through my photo gallery, I stumbled upon hundreds of images of my family and friends. Not realizing how long it had been, I had soon scrolled through nearly eight thousand pictures. I looked back and truly realized how close of a connection I had made with everyone in my life. Although we had been physically separated, everlasting memories were created in the process. 

Every community around the world was affected by this pandemic, and sometimes I wish I could go back, but the absolutely unforgettable impression COVID-19 has left on my life is unparalleled. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to meet new friends, connect with family and escape from reality for the first time.