Boys’ indoor track handles the hurdles


Katy O'Connell

Freshman Nick Scaringi practices high jump at a boys’ indoor track practice on Feb. 9, 2022.

Maggie Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

The boys’ indoor track team faced challenging opposition during the 2021-22 season, but they are proud of their performances and are looking forward to future improvements.

COVID-19 played a role in their performance this season, affecting not only attendance at practices but also athlete performances. 

“Making sure the masks are on, especially when [athletes are] running a one, two-mile race while trying to breathe can be impactful to the athletes’ performance,” coach Andrew Boschetto said.

COVID-19 restrictions impacted technical aspects of the indoor track season, but the team’s spirit remained unaffected.

“We have a very young team filled with quite enthusiastic boys,” Boschetto said. “The energy that they brought to every practice and meet makes me excited for their futures.”

This aspect of companionship is reflected in all athletes across all grades.

“The fact that the team is so close together makes it more enjoyable,” senior Brogan Madden said. “I look forward to seeing the guys, and us being so close also makes us more competitive.”

The team specifically competed well during the jumping and distance running events this season, with standout competitors.

“I’m very proud of how our hurdlers and high jumpers have performed this season, namely Brogan Madden and [freshman] Miles Lipka,” Boschetto said. “Our boys doing distance running have also done well; [sophomore] Joe Lamburn and [freshman] Jonah Gould have done great.”

Overall, the athletes have personally improved greatly over the season and look forward to what’s ahead.

“I’ve had so much fun, and I can’t wait for next season,” Gould said.