Seniors want more privileges

Students request greater freedoms during their study periods


Jadyn Jacobs

Senior Isabella Ferencz walks into the gold office to sign in from senior privileges with the QR code.

Thomas Hauck and James McBride

Seniors are usually considered the rulers, the most-respected kids at school. But are they? Some may say yes, but most seniors feel otherwise due to restrictions on senior privileges. 

When it comes down to it, according to many seniors, the expectation of being a senior far outweighs the reality, as there is much less freedom than movies and pop culture suggest. For example, many students have become frustrated with the fact that there are very few, if any, on-campus opportunities for students with senior privileges. In addition, seniors dislike the fact they are not allowed to leave the building at times other than their scheduled studies.

Senior Stella Deluty is one of many students who expressed frustrations with these limitations on senior privileges.

“What if you don’t have a car but don’t want to sit in a silent study or the library?” Deluty asked. 

Other students, such as senior Lizzy Debroczy, question why seniors with privileges don’t have access to the weight room and gym, which are open at various points during the school day. 

“Lots of seniors are 18, which is an age where students could be left alone in a gym without adult supervision because we are adults,” Debroczy said.

Due to the current mask mandate and other COVID restrictions, many seniors look forward to maskless time outside of school. For seniors who cannot leave campus, there are really no areas of school besides the cafeteria where they can remove their masks for fresh air during the day.

“I think [more mask breaks] would be beneficial for students that can’t or don’t want to leave but need a break from wearing their mask, or just need some fresh air,” senior Alex Jensen said. 

Assistant Principal Andy McGowan explained that making changes to restrictions on senior privileges is more complex than students may think.

“There are other factors that play into [allowing seniors access to more on-campus spaces],” McGowan said. “It’s not as easy as just throwing something out there as an option and seeing who would come… If there are ideas, we can have those conversations.”

Other seniors wonder why they are not allowed to leave the building or access other areas of the building during periods with substitutes. 

“We need to be able to leave during auditorium and cafeteria periods,” senior Mason Casellini said.

Senior Ashleigh Girard also believes seniors with privileges should be able to leave when there are studies due to teacher absences. 

“Because there are so many teachers absent because of COVID-19, seniors should be able to leave during cafeteria and auditorium periods where we aren’t doing anything,” Girard said.