From touchdowns to day trades, senior creates business to help people with stock market


Matea Rowe-Bond

Senior Elijah Khasabo has grown his business, Fusion Trading, to 20,000 subscribers, helping them learn to trade in the stock market.

James McBride, Staff Writer

Senior Elijah Khasabo has grown his business, Fusion Trading, by helping his 20,000 subscribers learn to trade in the stock market.

Khasabo focused his free time on football for the last eight years until the increased stock market volatility during the Trump administration. At age 17, Khasabo’s interest in the stock market spiked; he became quite passionate about trading and quickly started growing his portfolio through day trading stocks.

“The market was super volatile at that time which made day trading fun and profitable,” Khasabo said.

During quarantine and the hybrid school year of 2020, Khasabo, like many other students, struggled to stay occupied. This prompted him to make a list of twenty things he wanted to achieve, which resulted in him wanting to start a business. 

“I was at a low point,” Khasabo said. “I didn’t like my job and I was losing some close friends.” 

Then, Khasabo started trading.

“I loved trading and would wake up and trade every day,” Khasabo said.

Khasabo wanted to take his love for trading to the next level. Khasabo began brainstorming what he wanted his business to be and after about a month, he came up with Fusion Trading LLC.

“It took about three weeks for me to come up with the idea,” Khasabo said. “Then, after about a week of nonstop work, Fusion started production.” 

Fusion Trading mentors and tutors people on ways to predict the market, as well as how to trade as safely as possible. Once signed up for the subscription service, traders get access to a Discord server in which they can view alerts and get advice from professional and profitable traders. 

“Fusion launched and the advertisements started to blow up,” Khasabo said. “Then, subscriptions started rushing in.”

Fusion Trading gained a massive TikTok following very quickly by sharing its most profitable alerts in videos that quickly translated into 20,000 subscriptions in the first three months of operation.

Khasabo is extremely satisfied and proud of what his business has become. 

“It was crazy seeing what I could accomplish at 17,” Khasabo said.

Being a full time student, varsity football player, and business operator leaves Khasabo running around literally and figuratively, schedule-wise.

“School, football, business, repeat,” Khasabo said. “I was just constantly working towards something that would benefit me.”

Khasabo said he takes pride in “putting in hard work on and off the field.”