Minecraft 1.18 update adds engaging details, layers

Staff Writer Lila Shields reviews the new features in Minecrafts latest 1.18 update.

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Staff Writer Lila Shields reviews the new features in Minecraft’s latest 1.18 update.

Lila Shields, Staff Writer

Many people in our generation have grown up with the game Minecraft, and the Caves and Cliffs update that came out on Nov. 30, 2021 has created more dynamics and challenges.

Minecraft, a single-player or multiplayer game, revolves around goals and obstacles, but there is no specific way to beat the game; players can continue playing the game indefinitely, as there is always more to be explored. 

 The visuals are different compared to other games: Minecraft consists of only square and cube shapes. The small details and modifications to this game have made it enlivening and more engaging to play. 

The 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update is refreshing, as it adds new layers and y-axes. Not only has ore generation and land structure changed, but the y-axis now has a larger range since the update. 

Some newer elements added to the game are lush caves, dripstone caves and new mountain sub-biomes.

While I played around with the newer update, the caves were more engaging to explore because they have gotten larger, and the ore generation has changed. Some different blocks such as diamonds and iron are now more common at different layers of the world compared to before. The caves are much taller and more fun to work with.

Similarly, the tall, steep mountains with snowy tops, which have increased in size with the new update, have made the game more exciting. Now, players can explore and find generated structures such as villages and ruined portals past these tall landscapes. 

“Minecraft: Pocket Edition”, the mobile version of the game, can be purchased on mobile devices for seven dollars, as well as on PCs and consoles for 30 dollars. This game is worth the price and will entertain players for hours.

The new layers of the 1.18 update have been fun to work with when it comes to building, and overall, the game looks much more detailed.

The update has prompted Minecraft’s visuals to skyrocket; now, the game provides nostalgia for OG players with a mix of something new.  


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