‘Encanto’ is magically entertaining for all ages


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Staff Writer Claire Devlin writes that Disney’s “Encanto” is a fun film for all viewers.

Claire Devlin, Staff Writer

Disney’s “Encanto” is entertaining for all ages with its funny characters, stunning animation and themes of love and family, despite the fairly predictable plot.

Directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, “Encanto” (currently in theaters and on Disney+) is the story of a magical family in 1950s Colombia. Each child in the family, with the exception of the main character Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), is gifted in some way. Mirabel’s lack of a gift makes her life harder and her family less accepting of her. 

One day, the magical house that the whole family shares starts to show cracks, concerning no one besides Mirabel and her older sister, Luisa (Jessica Darrow). Luisa notices her super-strength begin to weaken, and the candle that first brought the miracle and powers to the family seems to flicker. As the conditions worsen, it’s up to Mirabel to save her family and their magic.

Although the plot of the story was nothing new to Disney something goes wrong with the main character’s world and they have to save the day it still had quite a few comical moments and was generally intriguing. However, the predictable storyline was made up for with the music and animation.

The portrayal of the magic was done extremely well, and the bright colors elevated the film and made scenes stand out, especially when one child receives their gift and is thrilled with the excitement of the situation. The animation of this movie resembled Disney’s Coco (2017). The Colombian-style music (written by Lin Manuel Miranda) brought each of the characters to life, often showing different sides of their emotions and issues that come with being in the Family Madrigal. It immersed the viewers into the scene and was necessary throughout the movie.

The film’s themes of community and love shine throughout the story. Mirabel’s desire to fix her family’s problems must heal not only the problems circling their lives, but also the cracks in bonds she has with people in her life.

The movie boasts a 90% rotten tomatoes score, consistently leaving the majority of the audience in awe. The one hour and 37 minutes that it takes to watch “Encanto” are worth it for anyone looking for some light entertainment that can have deeper meanings.

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