Keeping Up with ‘The Voice’: The Finale


Courtesy Girl Named Tom on Instagram

Team Kelly Clarkson’s Girl Named Tom won season 21 of ‘The Voice.’

Riya Mahanta and Katherine Wu

Before reading this piece, check out our blog post about the Semifinals if you missed it!

It’s finally here… the finale of “The Voice”! The Top 5 contestants competed on Mon. Dec 13 for the winner of “The Voice” season 21. On Tues. Dec 14, the results were revealed after many guest performances, and the ultimate winner was Girl Named Tom from Team Kelly Clarkson!

During the finale, contestants each performed one ballad and one upbeat song for a total of ten performances. Additionally, each contestant performed with their coach on Tuesday, after the voting was finished. 

Since there were five contestants (ten performances), we will be ranking our top three this week!


Our Top Three

1. Girl Named Tom from Team Clarkson had two flawless performances. For their upbeat song, they sang “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. It was such a fun performance filled with complex harmonies and vocals. For their ballad, they performed “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” by The Foundations. Each of the trio sounded the best they have sounded, and the haunting harmonies were beautiful. We are glad that they won!

2. Wendy Moten representing Team Blake Shelton started off with singing “Over The Rainbow” by Pattie LaBelle, definitely the stronger of the two performances. Her vocals were full of emotions and took listeners on an emotional ride. Her runs were amazing and well-placed and the dynamics of the performance were perfect. For her upbeat choice, Moten sang “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston. Although the performance was very fun, uptempo, and even featured people roller skating in the background, we felt as though the production of the performance took away from the vocals.

3. Jershika Maple performed Mary J Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down”, and it was a great song choice for an upbeat performance. Her soulful, powerful tone carried throughout the entire performance in addition to her impressive vocal display. The song Maple chose for her ballad, “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, was also a good fit. She hit all the high notes with grit and power, making her sound similar to Adele at points. Although this was her last performance, we were happy that she ended on such a perfect song for her.


Guest Performances

Tuesday’s episode featured star-studded performances by the coaches and guest performers Carrie Underwood, Tori Kelly, Keke Palmer, Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, Walker Hayes, Jennifer Lopez, BTS, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. 

Underwood and Coach John Legend performed their new song “Hallelujah”, with Legend on the piano. Their voices complemented each other so nicely, and their harmonies were beautiful.

Kelly and Palmer sang “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” along with this season’s Top 13 contestants. We were so happy to see some of our old favorites like Joshua Vacanti and Jim and Sasha Allen come back! Kelly and Palmer have incredible vocal ranges, and the performance was so fun and lively.

Coach Ariana Grande and Kudi performed their song “Just Look Up” from their new movie “Don’t Look Up,” which broke Netflix’s record of most streamed hours in a single week! Grande sounded better than ever with her matured tone, and Kid Cudi delivered as well. 

Sheeran, who was also this season’s Mega Mentor during the knockouts, sang his new song, “Shivers.” His unique performance featured a looping pedal, which meant Sheeran sang all the different harmonies and parts of the song.


Coach & Contestant Duets

For the first duet, Hailey Mia and Clarkson duetted on “Funny” by Jasmine Thompson and Zedd. The duet highlighted how well the two work together, and it showed that Clarkson is the perfect coach for Mia.

Clarkson and Girl Named Tom performed “Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers. The harmonies were impeccable (like usual) and everyone looked like they were having a good time onstage. 

Jershika Maple and Legend sang the classic Christmas song “O Holy Night.” Their voices blended together perfectly, especially on the harmonies and Maple’s high notes and runs. 

Coach Blake Shelton and Paris Winningham duetted on “Love Train” by the O’Jays. The performance was upbeat, retro and fun. The song choice was perfect for Winningham, as he was able to display so much soul. 

Moten and Shelton duetted on “Just A Fool” by Christina Aguilera and Shelton. It felt like a master class on vocals, with Moten starting off in her low range, and of course later transitioning to her signature high notes. 


Final Standings

1st: Girl Named Tom, Team Kelly

2nd: Wendy Moten, Team Shelton

3rd: Paris Winningham, Team Shelton

4th: Hailey Mia, Team Kelly

5th: Jershika Maple, Team Legend


Without a doubt, this season featured many talented artists. We are sad that the season is over, but we know the contestants will all go far, and we can’t wait for the next season of “The Voice”!